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How to stop drug usage

Updated on June 10, 2016

Drug Addiction

Drugs addiction is inability of person to control his use of drug.such person is called drug addict.for an addict,drug use is more than habit.His desire for the drug also involves physical dependence.This means that an addict's body depends on a drug so greatly that he suffers a painful withdrawal illness if he stops Using the addition,an addict also develops aonce tolerance to the drug and so does,that once Satisfied his desire no longer does so.As a result the addict needs larger and larger doses to achieve the same effect.

Addict Injecting Heroin

World Addicting Drugs

1.Narcotics such as heroin and morphine.

2.Sedatives including barbiturates and some sleeping pills and tranquilizers,and


Narcotics produce addiction Faster than sedatives or alcohol.Almost anyone who takes several doses of heroin daily for two weeks becomes addicted to the drug.But sedatives and alcohol,though less likely than heroin to cause addiction,can create even stronger addiction.withdrawal from a narcotic causes aching muscles,chills,fever,running nose and eye,stomach cramps and general body weakness.The symptoms resemble that of a bad cold.withdrawal illness from sedatives or alcohol causes a high fever and also causes deliriumtremens,a condition in which the victim becomes shaky and sees and hears things that are not present.Too swift withdrawal from alcohol or sedatives can cause death.

The difference between addicting drugs and other habit froming drugs is clear in all cases.Some non-addicting drugs,as well as the addicting drugs,causes a strong psychological desire that may make a drug habit as hard to break as physical dependence does.In addiction,many non-addicting drug produce a tolerance in regular users.For such reason,many experts use the term ''drug dependence'' rather than ''addiction''.

Effects of drug addiction to person

Many addict's spend so much time under the influence of drugs that they neglect their health,work,family and friends.They find it difficult to keep a job or to handle families responsibilities.they fails to eat well and to maintain personal cleanliness.As a result, many addict's suffers from malnutrition.addicts who inject drugs may get such deseases such as hepatitis or tenanus from an unsterile needle.

For very many drugs addicts,the chief goal in life is obtaning more drugs.Narcotics can not be obtained legally without a physician's prescription,but they may be bought illegally at extremely high prices.Some drug addict's turn to crime such as armed robbery and prostitution to support their drug habit.

Effect of cocaine to addict

How a drug addict can be treated

An addict may withdraw from using a drug slightly decreasing his daily doses over a period of weeks.Gradual withdrawal reduces the severity of withdrawal illness.But even after an addict has withdrawn completely,he feels irritable and restless for weeks or months.Some of his desire for the drug may remains for months or years.Many people who have withdrawn eventually return to drugs and to readdiction.They do so partly because they have not solved the problem that first led them to drugs:

Some physician's who treat addict's have not learned to live with other people and to respect society's rules.Many group have been formed to help addict to adjust to society.

Physician's use drugs to treat some cases of addiction.for example,they may give heroin addict's a narcotic called ''methadone'' methadone develop physical dependence,but it satisfies the body's desire for heroin.methadone users can live almost normal lives.other drugs called ''narcotic antagonists'',block the pleasant effects of heroin and prevent it from causing additional dependence.A drug called ''antabuse'' is used to treat alcoholism.It makes a person sick if he drinks an alcohol beverage.

How to treat drug addicted patient

How to treat drug addicted patients

5 stars for how a drugs addict can be treated


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