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Updated on September 23, 2010

what can be done

Are you the mother of naughty kids? Don’t leave hope .You just need a little knowledge and small tips to handle them. Me too the mother of a sweet but very naughty girl took very long time to find the right solution and the right attitude to deal with these type of kids. She roams around the whole house breaking things , shouting and doing activities which makes my brows frowned all the time. I would end up scolding and shouting and running after her all the day. This is my story . But I know there are so many naughty kids who make their parents life difficult to balance between their jobs , home and kids. Now let us find the reasons behind why kids turn naughty.

TO GAIN ATTENTION - Kids usually wants to be get noticed and loved for whatever they do. So they do funny things and sometimes their activities makes you tensed. They try for sweet things to get praise. But if you ignore his/her activities they try for harder things that can’t ignore. This way they take your attention which sometimes become very difficult for you to deal with in between other household works.

TO DISCOVER NEW THINGS – Children usually wants to discover new things around them . Which sometimes tempts them to do experiments not favourable for them . Once my daughter broke an expensive piece of glassware only to know what happens if one throws a thing from a height. Horrible no! This is a single example but you in your homes might have experienced with such horrible things .

THEY IMITATE ELDERS- You must have noticed your younger boy or girl experimenting with your saving set or make up box! Your kids want to do things as you do . They imitate you , they want to act , live and work as you do.

But to put on a whole all these activities make you frown at least 12 hours a day and next 12 hours thinking how to sort out things . It becomes very much difficult to manage household works and naughty kids hand on hand. Let us do some stuff to sort out . Consider a few things and surely you will get some relief.

TALK WITH YOUR KIDS – “They don’t just listen” you are going to shout.

But wait , be patient . Try , sit with your kids .Talk to them. It may take time . But this way your kids will be attached to you and will began to listen to you if you do this thing on a daily basis. Some day the kids will take interest in your conversation with them and will began to act accordingly.

BE A CHILD - If you want to make transform your child in to a cool good goody boy/girl , be a friend to them . Harsh words or punishments sometimes make the kid stubborn . So tell stories , play with them, give examples of great people. When the kids will consider you to be their friends they will surely listen to you.

INVENT NEW GAMES - Invent new games that will make the kids learn while they are playing . Make a mind game taking new words and name of places and share with your kids . That will grow interest within them to learn something new ultimately driving their attention from doing naughty stuff.

REWARD YOUR KIDS - Everyone have a greed for a gift or reward ,so do your child. Gift him/her with books , doll, chocolates for each good stuff they do. This will prompt your child to mend his behaviour . Sometimes show them good movies or take ride . This will let them come closer to you .

LET YOUR CHILD HELP YOU – You must have noticed your little one tries to do household works as you do but because of lack of knowledge and training they make a mess of the whole work they want to do. Involve your child in small household work under your nose. It will make the naughty one busy while you are doing some work . Just open your mouth , utter sweet words and for small works to be done by them.

Lastly, allow your children to be children at heart. Expecting a child to behave as an grown up is total nuisance. Just try to make them good mannered and disciplined putting some effort and tricks .



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    • profile image

      Preety 2 years ago

      Hi dear, agree with all tips. My problem is my son listen to me always, he helps me , I mostly keep him busy in reading or helping his little sister..... But I get complaints from school that he is very social and talkative and doesn't sit sometime, ... Wht to do ?

    • profile image

      divya 2 years ago

      hi .....

      thanku so... much for your suggestions . my kid also very very naughty....

      i am getting so many complaints from his school...

      i am really worring... about his behaviour.... from today onwards ill follow ur tips.....

    • profile image

      kAUSAR 2 years ago

      thanks a lot.from 2day i wil try my bestl

    • profile image

      rose 3 years ago

      Thank you so much to your advice I will try to my 5 yrs old son.

    • profile image

      rb 3 years ago

      Tnx for ur advce m gona try it rght frn 2day

    • profile image

      jasmine 3 years ago

      Hi pal thanks a lot. That really is a keen observation. I'll. Remember it next time.

    • profile image

      jasmine 3 years ago

      Hi pal thanks a lot. That really is a keen observation. I'll. Remember it next time.

    • profile image

      sa 4 years ago

      I need to reply essy to help me how to deal with naughty children

    • profile image

      SALONI EKKA 6 years ago

      Hi i am going to try all these tips and hope i will get back to you with the positive reply

    • N.E. Wright profile image

      N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

      Hello Lolakshi,

      I like this Hub.

      I have a six year old son, and most of the things you advise on I have done. Still, I will forget about good advice from time to time, and will do "Time Out" right away. That is not always good.

      This Hub reminded me to talk, find out what's up, and then maybe "Time Out" or taking away something for the day.

      Thanks for sharing.