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Habits start from the cradle

Updated on August 13, 2012



Every living being in this world are entangled in their own repeated actions called 'HABIT'. No one is an exception for this. Even the lowest form of being comes under this repeated system of actions. In fact, our lives are taken ahead because of this system of actions or else we would be thinking for each and every action that we have to perform in our daily life.

Habits make our life easy in one way. We get set in a form of system by which we do things as we are used to do or trained to do, so that things are done fast & in a short period. Involuntary actions are performed without any serious effort by our self. How does these habits are formed. Some are voluntarily made into a habit, some are formed by itself.

Let's consider the act of an infant feeding milk from its mother. No one taught the infant to act in a certain way to satisfy the hunger. It's a habit done by all mammals without any exception. No one can explain this. They call it as 'Nature'. But the fact is still unexplained. The only answer for this must be that, mammals have already done this before and they are used to it and they will do it in the future generations to come, too. So, habit is born with us and we grow & live with habits till we see the last day of our life. This applies to all living beings. A dog will wag his tail when he sees his master or someone whom he loves. Man did not teach him to wag his tail . We again say it is nature. We are also the part of this nature. The only difference between man and the other living beings is, man can make or destroy nature when other living beings are allowed only to live and pass away and in a certain sense be a slave to man.

Whether man destroys or saves nature is up to to him, but making & changing a habit is surely within his capabilities. A mind set is formed by a certain cycle of repeated actions or behaviour patterns. This is programmed by our mind and we follow the programmed pattern knowingly or unknowingly. So, we have to be certain, what we programme to our mind for a particular activity or showing a particular reaction to a certain action or actions.

A positive programme will give us good and positive results while a negative one gives the same negative or destructive result. This has to be keenly noted when we talk to children where-in the child is very receptive in whatever way we treat them or tell them. They get easily programmed whatever they come across or whichever is easily attracted to them. A good parent will encourage and feed only positive thoughts and actions into their kids by which their kid will be a good and a responsible human being when they grow up.

Habit is the basic reason for all the actions or reactions we reciprocate in this world either for our self or towards others. So, sow good and constructive habits and reap good and constructive results. Positive repetitive thoughts give us positive thinking habits by which one can be a positive and successful person for one's own self and for the world to cherish.


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