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Halloween: Evil or Not??

Updated on September 25, 2009

Remember Halloween - back in the day? I do...and it was fun!! Let me say, first and foremost that I am a Christian. I love the Lord Jesus Christ. And I am not, in any way, convinced; as are alot of new-age Christians, that Halloween is evil. The Lord has not convicted me yet, that Halloween is against His teachings - NOT THE WAY WE DID IT. But I will turn right around and say that, as is the case with alot of other things, it is the people who do things that give Halloween negative connotations.

When I was a child, and when my boys were small..Halloween was simply an excuse to get together with our friends and dress up in silly or "spooky" costumes and go out to see the neighbors. And the neighbors loved to see us come; especially the older ones, whose own children were grown. Most of the ones we went to see were also ones that we went to church with. In my case, we only had one neighbor within walking distance, so it involved driving around.

Yes, we dressed up as witches, and dracula...but back then those were simply things that were portrayed on TV..and we knew they were not real. They were still scary..but we knew they were not real. It was all in fun. We also dressed as clowns and scarecrows; I even dressed my boys as Smurfs one time, complete with blue food coloring and cotton ball beards. We carved pumpkins, and had Halloween parties; at which we bobbed for apples, and had costume contests. And yes, most of our parties were held right in the fellowship hall of our church! Our Sunday School teachers hosted most of them!  We were raised to believe that it was just another time of the year..a celebration of fall. I was grown, before I ever heard that Halloween had anything at all to do with actual evil spirits. And then, it didn't warp my psyche.

It is the adults of today that have taken Halloween and made something evil of it. It is the real life witches and evil beings that have ruined another thing that was just meant for fun. As is the case with alot of things..the more you stir it the more it stinks. I think if adults would downplay the "evils" of Halloween and bring back the fun side of it..our kids might get to experience some of the innocent fun that we did as children.

I long to see the day that "trick or treat" could be a fun-filled phrase again, as opposed to a serious choice to be made. In the meantime, I will decorate for fall; and tell all the kids I love lots of stories about Halloween "back in the day".


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