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Hannah Montana Room Décor

Updated on December 30, 2012

A Hannah Montana Bedroom

Is your child a Hannah Montana Fan?

I know my daughter is. Hannah Montana has come a long way and so has her product line. There are some really great items out on the market to turn your little ones Bedroom into a Hannah Montana Fans Dream. I came across some really great unique Hannah Montana products while researching another page I was doing and decided I would share them.

I am not surprised that Disney has turned Hannah Montana into a huge product line for the kids. She is definitely popular and little girls everywhere look up to her and idolize her. Being kids grow and their interests change I recommend decorating with items that can be removed and changed just as easy as their interests do. I have learned this way to much as my kids have grown. With a little creativity and a few touches you can decorate within a Budget.

Hannah Montana Bedding Sets

Hannah Montana Bedding

The thing with Hannah Montana fans is the age range. She has very Young fans and older Tween fans. With the Hannah Montana Bedding you can see the styles vary from more juvenile to more mature. You can even choose solid colors for the older girls and just accent with some Hannah Montana Pillows to give it that fan touch. I think the bedding that is out is very nice and my personal favorite set is the Pop Rock Design. I really love the way the Hot Pink and Black go together and I think that works for any age group.

Hannah Montana Decorative Pillows

As I have said above another way to give a touch of Hannah Montana to any room is by using some of the Decorative Pillows that are available. You can find matching pillows to the bedding and some other fun styles as well. There are two that I really like one is a Hannah Montana Boot Shaped Pillow which represents her country roots and the other is the Hannah Montana Record Pillow. All styles are adorable and would add to style you are going for and of course would give your little fan an extra soft place to rest their heads.

To save money you can always just add in some Hannah Montana Pillow Cases to solid sheets you already have in your home. This is something I do a lot to avoid having to purchase the complete sets.

Hannah Montana Boot Pillow

Hannah Montana Wall Decorations

This is another one of my favorite ways to decorate a kids room. It is using removable Wall Decals and Murals. The days of painting the rooms with the ever changing likes of your child is over. These allow you to bring in the look you want and when the phase is over you can easily remove them without any damage to your walls or the need to have to repaint. To me that is a true bonus. It is also fun for the kids because for some of the decals you can allow them to place them in the room where they would like them to go and this really makes them feel part of the decoration process and gives them a space they can feel proud of.

With the Hannah Montana line you will find plenty of design choices. You can find full wall Murals, Decals and even Life Size Hannah Montana Wall Stickers. Again all are removable and in most cases very easy to add to your walls.

I wish these were around when I was younger - getting real stickers off my walls was never fun for my parents.

5' Hannah Montana Wall Mural

Light up the Room

You can also add some of the many cool Hannah Montana Lamps that are also available. Again there are many to choose from depending on the look and needs of your room.

One of my favorites is the MP3 Lamp that is shaped like a guitar with a Hannah Montana Design on the shade. I love things that come with a duel purpose and you can Plug in your MP3, Disney Mix Sticks, or iPod, and play your favorite music through the built-in speakers. It also has a LED night light feature (butterfly lights up next to MP3 drawer) - I love that.

You can also find a variety of Ceiling Fans with Hannah Montana Designs. So you have that option as well and there are many styles available.

Or if you have a regular Light Fixture on the ceiling Disney has that covered too - This one hangs 5.75" from the ceiling and also makes a great statement for the room.

Hannah Montana MP3 Lamp

Hannah Montana Furniture

If you were not aware there is a Hannah Montana Furniture Line that is out there. It is actually very pretty and does not have Hannah Montana written all over it. I actually think it is quite sophisticated. It is white and has many pieces available like Beds, Trundle Beds, Canopy Beds, Dressers, Desks, A Vanity and much more. You do not have to be a Hannah Montana Fan to enjoy this line of furniture.

You can also find other fun items for your child's room like Hannah Montana Chairs, Bean Bags and Stools.

Hannah Montana Furniture Line

This is the Hannah Montana Furniture Canopy Suite - I think this is so pretty.
This is the Hannah Montana Furniture Canopy Suite - I think this is so pretty.


The fun part is always the Accessories. I cannot say enough that there are so many items available - Disney has covered every base when it comes to Hannah Montana Décor so be sure when looking to browse it all. You can really spend a lot of money with all this stuff, but try to pick a few of your favorite items and stop. You can easily break your budget because the next item is just as cute as the first.

Another cute idea is the Hannah Montana Ceramic Drawer Knobs. For an inexpensive touch change out the knobs on your child's dresser drawers. It will not break the bank and you are adding a touch of Hannah Montana to something that is already in your child's room.

Use Posters

Posters are another great way to decorate and keep costs down
Posters are another great way to decorate and keep costs down

Hannah Montana Room Décor in a Box

The Hannah Montana Room Décor in a Box is a nice assortment of items all in one box. There are three shelves for storing your favorite books and pictures, two fabric storage bins for storing all the things, a hanging mirror and an erasable white board to write special messages.

This also makes a great gift for any Hannah Montana Fan.

How to get the kids to leave their Room now

So now you have created a place the kids will love to be in, but how to you get them up and out? With a Hannah Montana Alarm Clock of course. So now while they are sleeping sound in their decorative bedding with those extra pillows and the music playing from their MP3 lamps - get them up with the sound of an alarm. Make sure they get to school on time.

Look at how Happy this girl is with her new Hannah Montana Room

Hannah Montana Theme Grils Bedroom - Home Design Ideas

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    • profile image

      rita 7 years ago

      tha's so cool dacoration it's so beoty full

    • flurish profile image

      flurish 7 years ago

      Omigsh!! the girl in the video is so cute. *MUAH*

    • profile image

      RANAhossamwanas 8 years ago

      i love hannahmontana so so so so so much iam the most fan who like her i love her i love her soooooooo much xoxoxo

    • profile image

      RANAhossamwanas 8 years ago

      i love hannahmontana so so so so so much iam the most fan who like her i love her i love her soooooooo much xoxoxo