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How has Feminism/Women Empowerment Affected Men?

Updated on August 19, 2016

What Happened?

Men and Women
Men and Women | Source

The Poor Male Child

I am all for women empowerment. Our mothers, sisters, wives and friends- who wouldn't want to see them succeed? Women, like ethnic minorities have come a long way; No, wait, actually, women have come a long long way- double oppressed if I may put it like that. I mean; even women within ethnic minority groups were looked at as inferior to men and therefore had to contend with their traditional roles as mothers, wives and caretakers. Considering that they have managed to achieve as much as men and still play these roles, you have to admit- Women are way stronger.

But let's switch gears for a minute shall we? Has women empowerment and feminism in general affected the human male species in any way? See, men were traditionally looked up to as the providers, protectors and heads of the family. Is this the case today? I mean, women are working for their money, women can keep ass (seriously, women are training to protect themselves) and are even doing an excellent jobs taking care of their families. So, where does this leave the man? Has women empowerment resulted in the neglect of the male child?

Time and again I have heard of some men being referred to as "stay-at-home dad". Personally, I think that is very unusual- and not in a good way; unless they work from home of course, or something like that. Anyways, I like think the male child has increasingly been neglected, which in turn has resulted in many more male wimps than ever before. Grown men living with their moms, grown men staying at home as they wait for their girlfriends and wives to bring home the bacon, young adult males marrying older women for financial support and so on. You have to admit, such instances are becoming more and more common today than before. I cannot even count the number of times I have watched women in the Jerry Springer show explain how they work so hard to bring home the bacon and give some money to their "men". This is also the case off television. As the girl child becomes empowered and supported as she grows up, the male child is considered strong and ready to take on the world, and therefore, in most cases, will not get as much empowerment and support as the girl child. This has resulted in the girl child being more focused and determined from a young age, and therefore ready to overcome all challenges that come her way- All the way to the top. At the same time, men are becoming more feminine as they strive to fit the image of the "modern man". And who is the modern man you may ask? Well, just Google it and you'll find out. Honestly, I was not even surprised when I heard of things like Jaden Smith in feminine clothing and wanting to have his penis removed. It is simply "what's trending".

One many be inclined to ask, are all these as a result of women empowerment and feminism? Are women empowerment and feminism to blame for what has happened to the male child? Well, yes and no. I am not insinuating that women empowerment and feminism are "evil". Not at all- I am simply saying that they have resulted in the male child being neglected. As a result, the male child has lost his identity. He is not sure what his role in the society is any more. The media has become his teacher, his guide to through life. And what is the media teaching him? Well, it teaches him that he needs to go with the times. Be more sensitive, become more fashionable, carry male purses, and get their nails and eyebrows done and so on. In other harsh terms, become more feminine. And what are the women and the girl child being taught by the media? Sure, they are being taught to be pretty and such, but are also being taught to rise above men; to work towards their goals and accomplish them and the list goes on. Tell me this is not true... :)

Again, I am not saying that women empowerment is evil or anything; I would love nothing than to see my sister succeed- Honestly, my only issue is that the male child is being neglected in the process.

There are so many instances I have heard grow men being told to act their age and stop behaving like little boys. I am sure you have heard of the following phrase countless times “you are not a man, you are just a boy”. Interesting enough is that such comments are not just directed towards young adults, but also grown adult men, who tend to act and behave like younger boys in high school.

So whose role is it to teach the male child how to become and man? It is the feminists’? I doubt that. It is the role of fathers and grandfathers to do this. The only problem is that these fathers and grandfathers are also adopting the current trends, maybe in an attempt to re-live their youth. It is for this very reason that I can safely conclude that the future of the male child does not look all that bright.

Not Against Feminism

Again, I am not and never will be against feminism. It has benefited the women and saved them from the oppression and suffering they went through before the 21st century. Although the situation of women is still not ideal, feminism has really benefited them. Like I said before, I am only concerned about how much this has affected the male child. Maybe I am wrong, Maybe men have simply let themselves go. So, if I am wrong, are there no negative impacts on the male child? who is to blame? talk to me, let me know your thoughts on this.

Modern Men

The Modern Guy
The Modern Guy | Source

Am I wrong? Comment Below and Let Me Know

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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 12 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Patrick, I'm sure the fact that women have become empowered (SOME women have) has had it's affect on men in various ways. How could it not? There's no escaping the many relationships between the sexes throughout our lives.....from Mom to sister, Aunt, cousins, co-workers, teachers.

      Do you really think there's too much "coddling" going on? Perhaps what appears to be coddling is "compensation?" Women raising male children while also having jobs, careers, etc may have a tendency to be more liberal, generous in a lot of ways and believe they somehow have to make up for the lack of their presence in their' son's life? And No, I don't feel this happens with female children, simply because women teach their daughters in an entirely different way. In that regard, I suppose since women have taken even more control and become less dependent upon men, they make serious mistakes with "sons."

      This has been going on now for several decades, Patrick. It struck me as I began to comment again, I can't properly answer your main question. Men would be the more obvious ones to answer, providing they can be totally frank about it.

      I'm just going to expose one more thought, my depression era mother catered to and bent over backward for her grandsons. It never occurred to her to do this with the girls.....they were automatically expected to handle everything on their own....My sister and I (Boomer generation) followed pretty much the same pattern.

      Now, this is all very different. Can it be as simple as just the "Times, they are a-changing?" I have to tell you, from my point of view, marriage being so much more of an equal partnership at this stage, logically SHOULD be a whole lot better, happier & healthier.

      Bottom line? You have presented a real puzzler.....DEEP and varied.

      Yes, it would be a great topic for research study and I have no doubt somewhere these studies are underway as we toss this around here.

      I'd love to be a participant in a study such as this. Paula

    • Patrick Patrick profile image

      Patrick 12 months ago from Nairobi

      Hey Paula. Hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for your input. I love that you also talked about how the wives of your sons write to you about the boys :) Makes me have some hope about marriage in general. I know that a majority of mothers do an excellent job of raising their kids (both boys and girls) and especially the single moms. My point here however is that men have changed over the years as women become more and more self - dependent. I was just trying to find out whether or not the fact that women have become more empowered has affected men in any way :)

      I think this would be a great topic for a research study.

      Thank you Paula,

    • Patrick Patrick profile image

      Patrick 12 months ago from Nairobi

      Hi Suzie. That is why I feel like men have somewhat lost their identity given that it is no longer essential for them to play the role of "Head of the Family". The coddling does not help either :)

      Thank you

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 12 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Hello Patrick....I'm back again and I love this hub! I hope you'll be OK with the fact that I am commenting on a strictly personal level, directly from where I sit~~~as the mother of 4 male "children" (now adult married Dads) 9 grand SONS & 3 ultra-precious Grand daughters! LOL.....Alas, even my dogs & cats have been male (not sure how that happens, it just does)....throw in a husband and then really Patrick~~for your sake, please stand at a distance when you try to explain the "male child" to me.....LOL OK? this said....from every aspect of my own experience, while I fully understand your concerns and your curiosity, I must ask why you're looking for whom or what to blame? Society? the media? Feminism? the Political Atmosphere? Educators/Education? Whatever we can name....correct?

      Perhaps it's some, all, or none of the above. My question to you would be, IF this is a serious issue and IF we choose our own answers to the questions, WHAT do you suggest for a solution, who takes charge, when and just HOW do you suppose we get busy.?

      Oh GAWD, Patrick, I really don't want to tax my brain, but for you, my newly-found friend, I will. You see Patrick my own job, that which was my most integral responsibility, is long behind me. While I'm confident there were (are) many achievements, my greatest of all is that I SURVIVED! No, for once I'm not kidding! I am incredibly ecstatic and proud to now know that as ghastly difficult & unrelenting the job was, there is no way I can measure the total success. Every drop of blood, sweat and tears was worth it.

      I can easily grade the parenting of my mother & father, but as for what and who I was as a mother, you'd have to hear that from my sons now wouldn't you? (I may or may not want to eavesdrop!) I can also tell you that I have the most stellar, respectful, thoughtful sons that any mother could ever hope for in her wildest dreams.

      Likewise, from what I understand via my daughters-in-law & grandchildren, my sons are considerate, loving and involved husbands and Dads. Now Patrick, that last statement about my sons as husbands and Dads? That's MY answer, MY validation to how well or poorly I parented....yes? no? Trust me, it's YES.

      Each one of my son's wives have at some point, sent me a card or a letter, extolling their husband's virtues and thanking ME for (in so many words) raising such an amazing man. I read them often and I cry tears of happiness & gratitude every time. I have also framed them and I certainly WILL remind each DIL of those notes on days when they would like to choke my sons....LOL Yes, they are all very normal, healthy people and my sons are MEN inside and out from top to bottom.

      I hope I alleviated some of your concern about the "poor neglected male child," Patrick. You have valid concerns, but I just want you to know, there's no worries over here. Additionally, I can attest to many many more "male children" of women & men I know well, who are doing just fine.....which means of course, if all goes according to plan....their next generation will be just hunky-dory as well! All things are genetic and generational. Kick back and relax Patrick. Do not worry about Jayden Smith & his dresses. He's the spawn of Hollywood. Let them be. They entertain us!! Peace, Paula

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 12 months ago from Asheville, NC

      I've never quite heard that point of view about feminism before. I think the problem with young men today is that they have been too coddled. All children are. Now that women feel they can succeed in anything they put their minds to, they seem to be doing just that. The boys, on the other hand, are off the hook now that women can look after themselves So they choose instead to stay at home longer and then move from the comfort of mother's home to the wife's. Interesting Hub.