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The First Set of Twins

Updated on September 25, 2012
The First Sets of Twins
The First Sets of Twins
Faith and Brown
Faith and Brown
This is when she is about to concentrate on something and lose herself in her own space. VIP Asst. Mom watches on.
This is when she is about to concentrate on something and lose herself in her own space. VIP Asst. Mom watches on.

Little Miss Faith

Faith Anastasia Kulay Lian; she is like a switch board. You press the 'cry' button, she cries. You press 'laugh' button, then she laughs even with a tear stained face. When she focuses on something, she is able to shut the world around her. She loves her sister Bronwyn. She would silently do Brown's chores for her when her sister gets a scolding and being disciplined. Faith is always smiling shyly. She has an expressive eyes and the sweetest smile. She is very 'lady like' in a way, She dislikes any kind of stain on her hands. She giggles a lot too.

I had a terrible experience with Faith as a baby. It still makes me uncomfortable thinking about it now. Having babysat my cousins as babies and toddlers at an early age; i am quite experienced in doing baby's manicure and pedicure. One afternoon, after feeding her; i had decided to cut her nails which had grown long. While i was cutting her nails, the phone had rang, and i took the call. I did the mistake of entertaining the caller and resume cutting her nails at the same time. I had finished with her left hand and i was doing the other one; when she started to wail and scream her lungs out. I saw blood on my fingers and dropped the phone i was craddling. I checked her fingers to see the damage, and saw that i have accidentally cut the flesh of her thumb. I was feeling sick and horrified by what i had done.

I tried to remain calm even when i knew i was close to being panic. I managed to get her hands cleaned with her crying and applied Aloe Vera gel (Nu Skin Enhancer) as antiseptic and to stop prolonged bleeding. It also has a cooling effect on the cut.

Later, i coaxed her (all the while cursing myself for being irresponsible) to stop crying since she looked really exhausted and sleepy. I held her in my arms for another twenty minutes after she fell asleep, i worry that she might wake up crying and partly because i was weighed by guilt. She did not bled a lot. The cut wasn't deep but the effect on me, was. It happened in 2008. And i have never cut a child's nail after that.

Faith was the 'cry baby . Between the two of them; she gets more of my attention because she was the weaker baby and sickly as a baby. She needed my TLC more than Brown. Everyone likes Brown, being the quiet and easy to handle baby, i had to choose being there for Faith instead. And all the time that i wanted to cuddle Brown, Faith would be needing me. I love both of them equally, but i had to be there more for the one that needed me the most.

Faith is extremely sensitive and has a certain intensity in focusing with an activity she chose. She is almost vegetarian but for fried chicken and when she is in 'fishes' appetite. Both twins likes potatoes; especially mashed potatoes,

Faith Anastasia Kulay Lian

This is Faith. She is curious about something here. She wouldn't hear anything when she has made up her mind.
This is Faith. She is curious about something here. She wouldn't hear anything when she has made up her mind.
Jodryl Bronwyn Kulay Lian, my little charmer- The Popular Girl
Jodryl Bronwyn Kulay Lian, my little charmer- The Popular Girl
Bronwyn at age 2. Searching sleep
Bronwyn at age 2. Searching sleep
VIP young Asst Mom with her favourite; Brown and Faith. The trio always does fun things together.
VIP young Asst Mom with her favourite; Brown and Faith. The trio always does fun things together.

Little Miss Brown

Jodryl Bronwyn Kulay Lian answers to the name Brown. A name that her 'VIP Assistant Mom' calls her when she was one year old which sticks to this day.

Brown is a smart child. She acts in a very cute way, and attracts people's attention every where she went.. She is very protective of her 'che che' Faith.

I still remember a funny incident with Brown, one evening when she was one year old; we were in the front porch of my aunt's house, getting some fresh air with the children. I had pointed at a pot of Rose flower and encouraged her to feel the petals. She had cringed and hid her face in the folds of my skirt. That day, i learnt that she is afraid of flowered plant. One of my cousin handed her a flower once, she had run away screaming and close to tears. At first, i thought it was a weird reaction, but i had confidence that she will outgrow it and learn to like it and appreciate the scent and beauty of flowers (come on..being female and all).

I guess she has by now overcome that fear..

The first time that Brown saw her young Assistant Mama, it was like her first love. She follows her around if not with her eyes, and cry if she leaves the house. My young Assistant Mama (my 20 years old cousin sister); had to hide or disguise herself with a scarf and sun glasses to cover her face; if she planned to leave. But most of the time, Brown was aware of her. They've been sleeping together since then to this day. Brown wouldn't sleep if she is still working on her school projects; so the only way she could work with her shadow following her is lying on her bed and have Brown snuggle next to her. The child gets her sleep, the student gets to study.

I have been looking for a chance that i could hold Brown more to fill my yearnings for her in the past, when Faith needed me. I will be honest about it that i am envious with their closeness (I wish it was me). We had all kinds of imaginative explanation regarding the strange attachments between the two of them. After awhile, i resigned myself from seeking a reasonable answer and decided to accept the beauty of it all. Two people feeling 'love' and bonding with each other. I stopped wanting Brown's attention and let her free to find her comfort through my sister. And i know, Brown has been a comfort and completes my sister's life as a young adult. I figured that i don't have to have Brown's greatest love, what's important is she found and feel love. And i mean it to both of them.

YUMmy.. Smack.

On the topic of food, like her twin Faith; Brown is an almost 'vegetarian'. Both children would spit out even a tiny piece of minced meat, once they taste it in their food. But if it was a dish of crab though; when her plate is clear, she licks her fingers clean. 'Crab' girl, this one. Whether it is potatoes or tomatoes, both girls call it, 'Motatoes.'


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    • ginjill ashberry profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley TKL 

      3 years ago

      Thanks, Sab..

    • Sabrina Mei Han profile image

      Sabrina Mei Han 

      3 years ago

      Cute twins. Like the twins very much. Hope to see them.

    • ginjill ashberry profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley TKL 

      7 years ago

      You made my day.

    • Jangaplanet profile image

      A James Di Rodi 

      7 years ago

      You are a great writer and should keep it up. I have read all your hubs and they are amazing and well written. I would love to see more of your aticles in the future. THnaks for sharing.


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