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Have You Considered the Effects of The Media Has On Your Children?

Updated on March 24, 2012

Have you ever considered the music that you listen to could be sending the wrong message to your children?

Children learn by mocking adults and easily pick up bad habits that we often wish that they didn’t have. The music that you listen to on the radio could have a negative impact on your children. Take a look at the lyrics from songs that are played on the radio station that you are currently listening to. Do any of these songs send a bad message? I am not trying to change your music style or music choices, but just trying to make parents aware of what they are listening too does make a difference.

A few years ago, I was in the car on the way home from picking the kids up from daycare. I was listening to the radio. It was tuned into the local pop station that played songs like “Unwritten by Rhianna”, “Hollar Back Girl by Gwen Stefani”, “Too Little Too Late by JoJo”, “SexyBack by Justin Timberlake”, and “Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado”.

I can’t remember the exact song that I was listening too but one day I decided that my children shouldn’t be listening to this type of music. There is so much emphasis on sex, drugs, and many other things that is influenced by all types of media, not just music. I decided that I was going to start being more careful and do my best to censor what I was allowing my children to listen to and watch on television.

I personally didn’t want my kids running around singing songs that contained bad words, other explicit material, sexual slurs, or anything else that is portrayed in some music. I personally changed my music style and started listening to positive music. I listen to praise and worship music, my new personal favorite music. I feel that this music not only is healthy for my children but it gives me encouragement, guidance, and hope where the other music didn’t.

Kids are often seen carrying around MP3 players or Ipod's, I am curious to know if parents are monitoring the type of music that kids are being allowed to upload to these portable music players. My daughter has an Ipod and the music that is currently on her Ipod came from my music library and she had to have my permission before adding songs to it. This way I know what type of music that she is listening too.

Children's Music Selections

Do you know what music is in your child's portable music player?

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Do you agree with their music choices on their portable music players?

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Take a look at the shows that you are watching on television, are they appropriate for young eyes and ears to watch?

The television shows that are on during prime time generally aren’t the type of shows that children ought to be watching, such as “Desperate Housewives”. I haven’t personally watched this show but I am almost certain that it is full of drama, cheating, and other suggestive material. TV shows are infatuated with drama and unfortunately sex sells.

The media is very influential on children and its alarming how much junk is portrayed. Commercials aren’t innocent either; they often promote TV shows such as commercials with sexual drugs, weight loss drugs, cheating, and other inappropriate content.

With all of these negative images that are portrayed on TV, no wonder teens are left wondering if they are skinny, pretty, or smart enough. I know that my daughter is underweight for her age; however, even she has told me that she is fat. It’s hard to convenience at teen that they are beautiful just the way they are. In fact, young girls are using webcams or cell phones to create YouTube videos. They are asking the public if they are pretty. I am appalled that young girls are worried about this. I think the media is to blame for the girls seeking negative attention on the internet because they are giving girls the notion that they have to be super model skinny.


I don't remember where I heard this quote from: "Trash in Trash Out". So if we continue to expose our children to the wrong types of media, then they will think that those behaviors that they see are okay. And they will begin to model them.


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