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Have You Ever Been Told To Leave a Public Place While Breastfeeding Your Baby?

Updated on May 21, 2013
Mother Breastfeeding Her Infant
Mother Breastfeeding Her Infant | Source

Breastfeeding in Public is Perfectly Legal

As a mother of three children, I have nursed in public with each one of my babies. I am not afraid to feed my baby in public because he or she is hungry. Luckily, I haven't ever been asked to leave a public place.

However, I have heard of mothers being asked to leave or go nurse in the restroom. Asking a mother to do this is crazy and absurd, why should a baby have to be interrupted while eating so that a mother can move. And I wouldn't dare eat in a bathroom, neither should a child.

How are mother's combating this issue?

Nurse In's : Nursing mothers are gaining support of other nursing mothers and going to locations that have previously asked another mother to leave. They will all band together and nurse in public at that location.

Refuse to leave: Some mother's refuse to leave and continue to nurse their baby since there are laws protecting mothers who breastfeed. They will often carry a copy their local state breastfeeding laws in their diaper bag or purse.

Cover up: There are mothers who cover up their nursing baby with a blanket or udder cover. This allows the mother to breastfeed her child without exposing her breasts for others to see. I personally do this just to prevent people from staring at my boobs while I nurse my baby. However, it becomes more of a challenge as my baby gets older.

Go to a private location: Some mothers will find private locations such as their car, dressing rooms, or other secluded areas to nurse their baby in. I also do this sometimes when I don't feel like covering up my baby when he eats.

Feed baby bottles of expressed breast milk: Others just avoid nursing in public and bring bottles with expressed breast milk with them on any outings. If she doesn't have a breast pump, then she will need to purchase a manual breast pump, single or double electric breast pump, or get a hospital grade breast pump. The amount of use will determine which breast pump is right.

Stand Up and Don't Let People Force You to Stay Home to Avoid Nursing in Public

Many people view breastfeeding in public as offensive because the breasts are generally thought of sexual objects. However, your breasts were designed to feed your baby. If breastfeeding is important to you, then you should stand your ground and not let people try to discourage you from breastfeeding your baby when the moment arises, even if you have to nurse in public. Your baby has every right to eat and you shouldn't have to go feed your baby in the restroom. If someone gives you grief or asks you to go to the restroom, kindly as them if they would "eat their sandwich or meal in the bathroom." Their answer of course will be no. Then you can tell them that your baby shouldn't have too either just because they are uncomfortable. Learn more about dealing with people who don't agree with your decision to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding in Public

Have you ever been asked to leave a public entity while breastfeeding?

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    • rutley profile image

      rutley 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Breastfeeding is so important. Voted up and Welcome!