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Have a Tantrum....Seriously!

Updated on January 31, 2014

To be A Toddler Again...

I was telling my wife the other day that even when our son is having his worst of moments, particularly temper tantrums, I still would prefer nothing else than spending time with the two of them. Although I am sure that some of your are rolling your eyes and thinking “whatever…” and thinking that I was feeding some kind of line to my wife in order to get out of trouble for having said something overly male and stupid, I assure you I meant it. Even when my son has me at wits end, I cannot imagine not having him. Today, I was reading an article on regarding an NPR article entitled What’s Behind A Temper Tantrum? Scientists Deconstruct the Screams by Shankar Vendamtam and found a great deal of humor in some of the readers responses to how it makes them feel when their own children (or children of loved ones) are losing their minds with rage or sadness in tantrum form, they were very often amused! So much so that many mentioned that they often had to excuse themselves from the situation so the child would not see them laughing! If you think about it, the fact that children’s response to anger or sadness is to throw a rod is instantly hilarious, especially if you imagine if only you too could respond to an outrageous situation in a similar fashion in adult life.


Imagine the show stopper it would if we as adults could show our co-workers that we vehemently disagree with their position in an argument by spontaneously bursting into tears, spinning in circles, screaming at the top of our lungs and ultimately crumbling into a sobbing pile in the middle of the office. What a way to get that annoying co-worker who won’t stop trying to drive home his infuriatingly stupid point to stop dead in their tracks and walk away in fear? I can think of no better way. Flailing my arms about in fits of rage knocking paper bulletins off the cork board throwing down a stapler and randomly shrieking that I wanted milk seems like a unique and effective way to handle disappointment and impatience in the workplace to me! Maybe even better than being able to throw the tantrum would be the ability to eventually disciplinethe tantrum thrower. Wouldn't it be great if you could put Joe, the annoying accountant demanding your projected budget numbers, in to a time out facing the corner for 10 or 15 minutes? After which explaining to Joe that sometimes it is important to ask nicely for things they want and saying please and thank you…Do you understand Joey Woey?? OK, honey I still love you, just do better next time… I love it… After all, do we really change that much emotionally from the time we were toddlers? Yes, we learn to control ourselves and internalize what we once put on display for the world to see in the middle of a grocery store aisle and we have a different set of triggers our emotions. Instead of letting it all out, we hold it in and wonder why we have high blood pressure and stress problems. I say instead of worrying about our first heart attack around the age of 40, we need to be proactive and let our stress out in large, attention garnering outbursts of anger and sadness. Come to think of it, can you remember a time in your life that you got more of what you wanted than when you were a toddler? I can’t!


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    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      I love the idea of throwing a tantrum at work. Unfortunately, I work in a therapist office and would likely get added to her client list! Funny stuff...with such an element of truth.

    • emichael profile image


      7 years ago from New Orleans

      This is brilliant.

      "Flailing my arms about in fits of rage knocking paper bulletins off the cork board throwing down a stapler and randomly shrieking that I wanted milk seems like a unique and effective way to handle disappointment and impatience in the workplace to me!"

      I'm going to try this out tomorrow!


    • parentsreview profile image


      7 years ago from Lansdowne, PA

      It's because adults have f-bombs. You don't need a whole tantrum when one word will do. Just kidding. Great article.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wish I could have thrown 3 tantrums at work today.


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