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Healthy Meal Planning

Updated on May 2, 2017

As childcare providers, we must try out best to have healthy options for our children. I wanted to share a sample breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan with you.

Breakfast: Whole grain waffles, and fruits (strawberries, blueberries, oranges or grapes), side of yogurt if the kids are still hungry.

Lunch: Grilled cheese on whole grain bread, side of tomato soup. Side of apple or orange slices. If the kids are still hungry you may give them some veggies (carrots, broccoli, or cucumbers) with ranch dip.

Dinner: Meatballs, whole grain pasta with sauce, veggies (green beans, broccoli, or corn).

You may offer water than milk if some kids choose not to drink water for every meal! *Always make sure you have water as an option for the kids.

The trick is to include 2-3 food groups in each meal (meat, dairy, veggies, and fruits).

Invite your kids to help you prepare their meals. Have them help choose what kinds of fruits and veggies they would like to eat for each meal. You may also have them help with simple tasks such as washing the fruits and vegetables, or helping by setting up the tables for meals (passing out plates, forks, napkins, and cups). The older kids may help by filling everyone’s water cups up. Kids love to help and providers should try and encourage them to help out.

If you would like more tips on meal planning for you daycare check out post on Planning a Healthy Child Care Center Menu. This post has some great tips that may help you plan your healthy meals.


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