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Help Find Missing Kids

Updated on March 2, 2009

Missing kids

Help Find Missing Kids.

1. UK Police is appealing for public help to help find a 13 year old Yenphi Phan who went missing from her foster care address in Brideoak Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester on Saturday 14th February 2009. She has not been seen since.

Yenphi is Vietnamese and speaks little English. It is believed that she had only been in the UK for a few days before she went missing and police are concerned for her welfare. She is described as about 5 feet tall, slim build with shoulder length, black hair and was last seen wearing a light jacket, a white scarf and jeans.

If you have any relevant information concerning the whereabouts of Yenphi Phan, please call Greater Manchester Police on: 0161-8725050 (24hrs) or call: The Missing Persons Bureau on 0808-100 8777. Please for more information and to get a photograph of Yenphi Phan, visit:

2. Please if you have any information on how locate this kid:

call: 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) or report at:


Missing since: 28 February, 2009.

Age Now: 2

Missing From: Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

NOTE: To view BREANNA SCOTT WOODSIDE photograph for easy identification, please visit this website:

Case Type: Family Abduction

Date of Birth: Oct 3, 2006.

Sex: Female

Race: White

Height: 3'0" (91cm)

Weight: 35Ibs (16kg)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel

Case Number: NCMC117091

Circumstances: Breanna was last seen on February 27, 2009. she may be in the company of Miles Woodside. They may be traveling in silver 1997 Lincoln Continental with Kentucky license plate 064BAA. Breanna was last seen wearing purple and pink stripped shirt, black Jacket with a pink lining, purple sweat pants and blue shoes.

How to Avoid/Prevent Child Missing

The trauma with searching for a missing child is a very devastating one, especially with the mother, this can scatter a whole family, ruin their entire happiness and progress, as I recall back in 2007, when we lost my kid sister (6 years) during a Christmas vacation in my village (hometown), not knowing that she followed some other kids to go and watch a masquerade dance, and a good Samaritan, later brought her home after two days (a miracle indeed), she looked so thin and disturbed, and she also had a little fever (the problem with child missing.)

As a parent, in order to avoid your child from missing, try and keep them within your sight whenever on outing. But if you are in any way occupied with some body (may be chatting with a friend or colleague) ensure you know who’s is in charge of keeping an eye on them.

But if you are in crowded places like shopping malls, complexes etc, you can make use of reins to guide your toddling kid or wrist straps for the older children - they will help to keep your child nearby even if you get distracted by long discussions or greeting.

Again, when you go out with your family (including the children), make an agreement with your children, a particular point where you people will meet up if you get separated for any reason.

When a child goes missing while you are out with them, ensure that you inform the mall/shop the moment you notice that they are no longer with you. Shopping malls, pubs and other public places have child safety procedures. Your first step in such a situation is to inform the staff before alerting for a further search. And if there is a need for search, do not exceed that point you last saw him/her.

In some cases, a child might get missing while at home, should this happen, the best advice I can give is to stay calm at first (she/he might be within), then visit playgrounds and any hiding-place in and around the house, then check in the neighborhood. Your child might be in a neighbor’s house. Again, check if any of his/her clothing is missing or personal stuff that might indicate a run-away.

But if you have done all the necessary initial steps, and there is still no sign of your child being within, and you are now sure that your child is missing, please do the following things immediately:

-Contact the Police immediately.

-Make available the under listed information to assist the Police and public during the search of your missing child: 1. A description of your child (clothing worn, personal stuff that they may be carrying)
2. Physical information: age, height, weight, sex, eyes color and other relevant info.
3. the most recent picture of your missing child
4. Where and when they were last seen
5. A clear description of the places your child likes to go, the people he/she likes to meet.
After providing the above information, and informing the Police, you can team-up with your neighbors, friends, to search your neighborhood and the entire area. In the process, should you observe or find any clue, please do yourself a favor and not to touch it, instead mark the place/point and report accurately to the police what you have found or observed.

Lastly, you must teach your children the following things, should such occur:

-Tell them to avoid talking to people they don't know when you are not around or close by.

Make sure your child knows that he/she is not safe walking away with anyone they don't know too well or at all. They should avoid any person telling them that he/she knows their parents, siblings etc. and if someone says 'your parents said I should pick you up' that they should not fall to such statements, let them report to the person in charge of where they are at the moment. You must also let them know that, the fact that someone knows their name, or says they know someone in their family many not always be true. And if any stranger they do not know, tries to get too intimate with them so fast, they shouldn't be afraid to make a big shout.

Then, inform them to always let you know when a stranger approaches them, and never to keep this secret.

Lastly, make out time and teach your children their home address and telephone number off hand (by heart). And teach them also to ask for help from a police officer, another grown-up with children or someone working at a nearby shop, and to always dial the emergency number, if they are in such situations.

NOTE: Whenever your child/kid or loved one is missing, please do not present (handover) the person’s happy mood photograph (for instance, when they are smiling or happy), it is better and advisable to present a photograph where the person is not happy or smiling, since his/her present condition won’t allow him/her to be in such moods, which would make it difficult for the public to help you in locating them. Thank you.


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