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Help Me Find the Owners of This Old Ephemera-It's Good Stuff

Updated on April 18, 2010

What Kind of Help I Need to Reunite Old Ephemera

For those who don't know what ephemera is, I hope you will become interested in helping me find the owners of such things as papers and photographs which have become separated from their families along the way.

Several years ago, I bought at auction, photographs which belonged to a family in Chicago from the early 1900's. I was able to reunite many of the photos with some of the friends of the family and supply genealogical information to researchers. Since then I have successfully reunited many items with family members. As I research these families, I tend to feel connected to them and wonder about their lives. Some of these items however, despite good clues, remain separated from their families. I do not charge for these items. I consider it a cheap hobby to purchase, search and mail the items back home.

While I have posted some of the items on genealogy sites, I thought I would also post them here as individual capsules. I will try to flesh out what I "feel" about the families lives as well. Any help you can give with these reunifications is most appreciated. As time permits, I will also try to post some scanned photos.

Sadler Dunlap Kyle and Everly Old Album and Birth Record

This is a collection of photos from the 1800's to about the 1960's. Birth record is for xxxxx Sadler. There was more text here which I've edited out as he is still living, but Mr. Sadler's album has found it's family. It is going home. He called me this am, and told me that it must have gotten lost in family moves. It has taken me a couple of years to find the owner. I love these moments. Any relatives seeing this notice are free to contact me, and I will try to put you in touch with this family. Thanks to anyone who tried to help locate Mr. Sadler and his kin.

Ella E. Gates Photo Album OH MD PA IN Roots

I have had this album for awhile and actually can locate a lot of information about the family online. Ella E. Gates was the daughter of Laborious (aka Laborius) Gates and Maria Brumbaugh. Ella and all her siblings were born in Prebel Co OH and Indiana. Ella was born in about 1864. Siblings were Frank, Harry P, Florence C Gates, Charles Gates and Leo (Lee) Channing Gates. Lee C. Gates was a famous California lawyer and politician and information about him is available on line. Ella married Oliver Perry Hazzard Clark and while I can find information about such a person online, it appears he may not be the person who married Ella Gates. My sense is that this album, while belonging to Ella, wound up in the hands of her brother Lee C. Gates, as it was located at a flea market in California. While several photos have been removed, the names stayed in place, so I was able to ID them. Hazel and June were the children of Lee C. Gates. All of Lee C. Gates family photos were missing, while one of Ella remained. So I am thinking she may have died and the album wound up with Lee C. Gates whose family took the photos which meant a lot to them. Nevertheless, there are many of the Brumbaugh side of the family too, and many unidentified. On the Brumbaugh side the genealogy goes Otho m. Catharine Bookwater, and the children were Margaret, Upton, Gehard, Theophilus, Mariah Maria(mother of Ella and Lee), Henry, Calvin, George, and Levi, this all per a couple of websites. I've contacted one person with no response. So while there are identified relatives out there, no one seems interested in this nice old piece of family history. Any help to get it to the closest or most interested relatives is deeply appreciated. (End of Original Post)

GOOD NEWS! A Brubaugh relative contacted me, and I have sent the Album to them. While they are related through a sibling of Maria Brumbaugh's, they promise to assist any other family members who might come forward. Thanks to anyone who tried to help in locating family members. Please contact me should you be related, and I will put you in touch with the family.

Album for Wellington Swesey and Ruth Ann Stover Swesey

 I have a nice collection of photos and documents and records for Wellington E. Swesey and his wife Ruth Ann Stover Swesey. She had a brother named Paul. Sweseys appeared to have lived around Newcastle CA and then moved to Oregon. Ruth Ann's Stover family may have been from Iowa and migrated to Lodi area of CA. Swesey's were long time residents of Placer County CA. I live in Placer and there are a lot of Swesey's around here, but don't know where to start. If you are a relative, I would like to get this album back to the closest relative I can find. Thanks. You may email me directly if you like at


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    • Tori Murrill profile image

      Tori Murrill 9 years ago from California

      All right it is yours. email me directly at and we can exchange information

    • profile image

      unctarheel77 9 years ago

      Neat!  I did a search this evening for Otho Brumbaugh and up popped your notice.  If you're still looking for a family member to pass on the Brumbaugh ephemera to, I would love to have it.  Otho & Catharine Brumbaugh were my 4th great-grandparents.