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Helping Your Teen Lose Weight

Updated on March 28, 2013
Make your son or daughter thinner and more fit.
Make your son or daughter thinner and more fit.
Eating a healthy fat free diet is a good idea.
Eating a healthy fat free diet is a good idea.


One day you wake up and hear your son or daughter feeling angry or depressed about themselves and you ask them what's wrong they reply, "I'm fat!'

Being overweight is something almost everyone has been through whether it's gaining 2 pounds or 30.

It is not very uncommon for a teen to feel fat or be slightly overweight especially during their teen years.

This is more often a worse thing for girls since they are very concerned about their weight.

Being slightly overweight is normal and usually not a big deal, but to much weight can be bad and cause problems later on.

It is a good idea to start exercising and cut back on junk food when you are trying to lose weight.

Don't be to worried about losing weight fast because it takes time and effort.

Starting A Diet

The first thing to tell your son/daughter is to start a good diet. If they don't eat healthy food and you see them eat junk food then cutting back on the snacks is necessary. Sometimes a diet isn't needed if your weight is caused by a illness or something else. Enforce him or her to eat healthy food, cook them some good stew or soup sometimes and if they want a snack tell them to eat a fruit instead of candy or chips. Make a calendar and mark dates from when they started the diet until at least a month. You should see a big difference in your kid if they eat healthy for even a month. Also encourage them to drink water instead of coke or sodas because soda is a very big factor of obesity. One thing to consider when starting a diet is to not fast. Fasting is never a good idea since the body needs food to work and fasting just makes you weaker. Fasting also doesn't work because when you are done your just going to eat and gain weight again.

Keep A Good Water Diet

Make a Good Water Diet

A water diet is basically what the name states it as, a water diet. When you are on a water diet you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day as well as drinking water when you are thirsty or just did some work.

A water diet is good for cutting fat because drinking water is healthy and water cleans out your body. When you drink coke or see your kid drinking lots of soda when they are thirsty they aren't hydrating themselves they are just satisfying their taste. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy because that's the key to cleaning out unhealthy toxins in the body that help the growth of fat.


Exercising is very important when trying to lose weight because, well this is how to lose weight.

Make your kid work out and depending on their age you can start making them weight lift.

One thing about weight lifting is that make sure your teen is older than 15, and don't make them weight lift to much.

Anyways the main way to lose weight (other then products or ads you see on t.v) is to exercise and lose weight naturally.

Encourage your kid to work out at least 20 minutes every other day.

Working out everyday is OK, but it is a good idea to skip a day because certain muscles require 24 hours to break down and build back up.

Stomache workouts can be done everyday since the stomache can be worked any day.

Some good workouts to start with are squads, pushups, sit-ups, and leg lifts.

I will provide some videos to show you some of these exercises and how they should be done.

Most of the time teens just need a little pushing and encouragement to lose weight because if you leave it to them you wont see much progress.

Usually if left on their own your kid will exercise when they feel like it and stop when they want to.

Decide Which Is Healthier

Your child should be able to choose on their own whih is a better option. Choosing a healthy snack over a unhealthy one is a great start.
Your child should be able to choose on their own whih is a better option. Choosing a healthy snack over a unhealthy one is a great start.


In conclusion it is not very uncommon for teens to feel "fat" or "heavy" and most of the time not a big issue. When the body is growing during the teen ages it needs all the food and nutrients it can get so usually this fat will go away on it's own, but that doesn't mean eat whatever you want and don't work out. Working out is not only good for your outer body, but it is also good for your health. Exercising means moving and moving causes blood flow which is healthy for the heart, a good physical body is a good start for a better future, and the earlier you start the better it going to get.


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