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Herbal Baby Products for Sensitive Skin

Updated on October 19, 2010

Babies have very sensitive skin which is why mothers are very careful when buying baby products. Regularly, baby products are made from synthetic preparations which works well for babies.

However, such products can contain chemical ingredients that can irritate babies skin since not all babies are the same. Thus, nothing can be safer for babies than herbal baby products that can nourish and protect delicate skin.

Today, many herbal baby products are available on some stores or online shops for special babies. Commonly, the ingredients of such products contain all natural elements that can do wonders for baby’s skin.

Herbal baby products usually contain any of the following herbs: calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, elder flowers, lavender flowers, rose flowers and petals, yarrow and a lot more. Each ingredient has unique qualities that protect and softens baby’s skin.

Herbal baby products
Herbal baby products

For example chamomile flowers can relieve, clean and heal irritated skin. Herbal baby products also include this ingredient in room sprays, lotions and powders. Some powders in herbal baby products are excellent for nighttime since they have a calming effect making babies sleep soundly.

Herbal baby products also include shampoo that can mildly clean hair and scalp. Babies love bubbles so the shampoo must be mild enough so it won’t hurt baby’s eyes. Some herbal baby products shampoo can effectively remove cradle cap.

First, you need to apply little amount of herbal baby oil into the scalp and carefully remove with a soft brush. As soon as the flakes have been loosened, you can now use herbal baby products shampoo.

Another part of the baby’s body that needs extra care is the bottom. Dirty diapers and soaked urine can irritate the skin of baby’s bottom so extra care is needed in moisturizing it.

Commonly, herbal baby products for baby’s bottoms are natural oil extracts mixed with calendula, chamomile, lavender plus lanolin.

By simply applying the cream or oil, diaper rash can be prevented since baby’s skin is always moisturized. Then, spread some powder which are herbal baby products for a fresh smelling baby bottom.

Using herbal baby products are not only safer but also less costly. You can purchase such products from online stores or even do it yourself.


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