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Hey Girls! Be Smart, Not Stupid! - Hub 11 -Sex

Updated on December 30, 2009


The content of this chaptered article of information is intended to enlighten and encourage young girls by promoting mentally and emotionally healthy attitudes in preparation for adulthood.

The content is written for general knowledge and is not meant to replace or supercede parental or professional guidance.

Any words you read that you don’t understand…look them up in the dictionary! It will help expand your vocabulary. Oh, and when you are finished... read it all over again!

The entire article is broken into hub chapters to make for an easier and more interesting reading experience. It's best to start at Hub 1 - Introduction and proceed to the next hub chapter by clicking the link at the end of each section


The one thing that cannot be drilled into young girls’ heads enough is to not have sex. So many teenage girls have found themselves in messed up situations because of having sex. Hopefully, you haven’t done anything yet. If you have…STOP! Be serious about this information you are reading and let it help guide your life from this point on.

Nothing good comes from having sex when you are too young. You set yourself up to be emotionally hurt, get pregnant, or get some dreadful disease. These things are no joke.

Our society today makes it difficult for young people to abstain from the idea of having sex because you see it everywhere …on TV, in the movies, on billboards, in magazines, on the radio, in music, etc. The morals of this day and age have been weakened because people are GREEDY! These people will sacrifice your innocence in order to make a dollar. They know that young people are inexperienced, curious, and anxious to grow up too fast. They use the idea of sex as a way to get your attention, and getting your attention is the first step in getting you to buy something.

How often have you found yourself wanting to dress like a superstar? Today’s fashions with belly shirts, low-rise jeans, thongs, visible body piercings, gothic styles, tight clothes, baggy clothes, bling-bling, pink hair, tattoos, etc. were all made popular by famous people being seen in public wearing them. If you decided on your own to start wearing something unusual, you would be a laughing stock at school. But see a superstar do the same thing and it becomes ‘phat!’ This is how the brand name marketers pull you into their money making scams. They are just taking advantage of your desire to be ‘hip’ and popular and wanting to copy the stuff you see from the stars, thus making you spend money.

Sure, everyone has a right to self- expression, but you’ll want to be sure that your efforts to self-express are not offensive or doesn't compromise your self-respect. Also consider that the cost of these ‘gotta have’ items aren’t straining your parent’s budget.

The same greedy idea applies to the other media types mentioned…you go to see a movie and it is rare that it has no sexual ideas in it. It doesn’t matter if it is a horror, thriller, romantic, animation, fantasy, comedy or drama…there will be something that refers to sex.

Being a teenager, what you must be able to do is to separate your personal self from what you are witnessing in the world. Know that you are just ‘watching a movie’ or ‘hearing lyrics of a song’ or ‘seeing naked people doing so for the money’, know that this stuff going on is for adults. Such behaviors are for adults. You will be an adult soon enough and you will then have the freedom to expand your self-expressions and explore your sexuality. Just wait!


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