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Hey Girls! Be Smart, Not Stupid! - Hub 3 - Hygiene & Manners

Updated on August 7, 2010


The content of this chaptered article of information is intended to enlighten and encourage young girls by promoting mentally and emotionally healthy attitudes in preparation for adulthood.

The content is written for general knowledge and is not meant to replace or supercede parental or professional guidance.

Any words you read that you don’t understand…look them up in the dictionary! It will help expand your vocabulary. Oh, and when you are finished... read it all over again!

The entire article is broken into hub chapters to make for an easier and more interesting reading experience. It's best to start at Hub 1 - Introduction and proceed to the next hub chapter by clicking the link at the end of each section.

Hey Girls! Hygiene & Manners - Hub 3


By now you are well past the stage where your mother has to give you a bath. You should be taking a bath or shower everyday, or twice a day if you are involved in sports. Keeping clean is a very important part of being a young lady. Wash your hair, use deodorant, and change your underwear after you bathe.

And hey, you must brush your teeth at least every morning and before you go to bed. Cleaning your teeth before bed is especially important because you have all of the days food particles forming bacteria that just gets to eat away at your teeth while you sleep! Your teeth will go bad if you don’t get into the habit of keeping them cleaned. And stop eating so much candy and sweet stuff! Use sugarless gum. Drink plenty of water. Eat your vegetables! Pay attention to your diet! Eating too much junk will ruin your teeth, make you gain weight, and cause problems with your complexion and general health.

Using the Toilet

Several things to know on this subject. A bathroom is one of the most bacteria ridden places in your home especially in and around the toilet. Always make sure the seat is clean before you sit down.

When you need to use a public restroom never sit on the toilet. Doesn't matter if it is in a fancy restaurant, fast food place, or the bus station. You don't want to sit on someone else's invisible mess left behind. Just make sure you have your paper ready before you squat, doing that will shorten your squat time and save you from trying to juggle your clothes to reach for it, especially when you get one of those hard rolls that is stuck and takes two hands to unravel! If you must have a bowel movement and must sit down use one of those seat covers to protect yourself. If there aren't any covers available then use toilet paper to line at least two layers around the entire toilet. When you wipe make sure it is from front to back. You want to avoid getting any feces remnants near your vagina. Doing that will help you avoid infections and odor.

Always, always wash your hands after using the toilet!

Monthly Periods

Most of you will have started your periods by now. This is definitely one of the major hygiene tasks that girls must contend with monthly. Keep yourself extra clean during this time. Change your pad or tampon each time you go to the bathroom, even if it is barely showing you still need to change it because there is still bacteria building up that causes odors and you also don’t want to risk getting an infection. Always, always dispose of your used pads properly. Wrap them in the package from the new one you take out or use paper towel or toilet paper and put them in the trash. Never flush them down the toilet! However, tampons are made to be flushed. And always wear black or dark blue snug fitting underwear when wearing a pad; nothing is more embarrassing than someone being able to see the outline of your pad!

Make a habit of keeping a record of your periods, the day it starts, and the day it stops. Doing so will help you learn the number of days between your periods and you will know when to expect it to return. This is also important for your doctor to know if your periods are regular and as you get older such a practice will also enable you to recognize any changes that could affect your health.


Another important part of good hygiene is hand washing. Your hands are used for so much in day-to-day living. They contact a variety of surfaces that other people also use. Keeping your hands clean is important to avoid the spread of germs, especially during cold and flu season. Wash your hands before and after meals, after using the bathroom, sneezing, coughing and any other activity where your hands get dirty. When you wash your hands try to follow this procedure…

  1. Have your towel or paper towel ready
  2. Turn on the water

  3. Soap up and scrub

  4. Get between your fingers
  5. Get under fingernails
  6. Rinse and leave the water running
  7. Dry your hands
  8. Use the towel/paper towel to turn off the water
  9. Then use it to wipe off or open the doorknob
  10. Dispose of paper towel

If you don't have tissues available when you have to cough or sneeze save your hands by using your bent elbow. It is also a good practice to carry hand sanitizer for those occasions you when you cannot wash your hands properly.



Have you been taught to mind your manners? Having good manners will help you gain respect from others and show that you are not a rude jerk. Always say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’ appropriately.

Say ‘please’ when you want something.

Say ‘thank you’ when someone does something for you.

Say ‘excuse me’ when you may be causing offense to someone.

Good manners includes being courteous, considerate, and carrying yourself in a respectful manner toward others. Even if someone else may be rude to you don't lower yourself to that ignorant level. Maintain your dignity! Also, don't fart in public! It's really not funny, it's ignorant and offensive. Excuse yourself away from others if you must let one go! Always try to consider how your actions and behaviors may affect others, and put yourself in their shoes to think of how you would feel if someone did to you what you want to do to them. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


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    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Very good advice. Looking forward to reading more.