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You Can Learn Something New Everyday, or Can You?

Updated on October 22, 2011

Hey, don't touch that!

From the time we were born our parents taught us great many things. Many believe that from our birth up until the age of six we learn and absorb more than any other time in our life. It is during this time, I believe, that we are indoctrinated with the building blocks of who we are to become.

Do this, don’t do that- hey, don’t touch - that’s hot! All of these lessons are instilled in our young minds. Day after day, month after month we are methodically taught, trained and possibly even brain-washed into behaving a certain way.

What exactly were we taught; life lessons? Did they include what our parents, grandparents or teachers were also taught when they were young? Could it be that our child-rearing was nothing more than part of a vicious cycle of learning and doing what society deems as acceptable? Perhaps, but what if we did not learn all the lessons? Is it possible to relearn and change who we are? Can we actually take our innate traits and exchange them or even upgrade them? What we do know is it is possible to temporarily change who we are, such as when we are on a first date or a job interview.

If we are self-conscious enough to know when we should do the right thing or appear a certain way, then why would we not do it all the time? Perhaps we were not trained well enough or our brains were not programmed properly to follow that particular script.

Could our daily behaviors be due to cultural or religious boundaries? Maybe it is respect that we show in front of different people or in different places? What about love, fear, hate or want? More than likely it is a combination of many different things.

We may never know the true answer, but it is worth exploring within ourselves. They say that you are never too old to learn. We’ll just see about that.

Do you think what we learn as young children sets the stage for who we become?

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    • whalefeather2 profile image

      whalefeather2 5 years ago

      I think we are in charge of who we become but need a solid foundation. That is not alwaays possible so taking responsibility for who and what we are is part of the life lessons we learn.

    • Catzgendron profile image

      Catzgendron 6 years ago from North Chelmsford

      Great hub .. voted up!

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 6 years ago

      I believe that my parents taught me what was taught to them. I actually had to break the cycle in several areas of life in order to open up to learning new things. I held many resentments towards my parents as I was growing up, but I have since come to realize they did the best they could with the information they were given. It is possible to do things differently but I think it changes in different ways for different people.

      Good subject! Voted up!

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      Good article, I think we change and learn our entire lives, but those first years are certainly the most defining. Voted up and interesting.

    • Brandon Spaulding profile image

      Brandon Spaulding 6 years ago from Yahoo, Contributor

      Great article. I agree that teaching an old dog new tricks can be tough. However, if that dog is motivated, he can learn whatever he wants and change whatever he needs to change. Personalities usually remain the same but anyone can learn something new or change their attitude throughout life. I am a lifelong learner and don't want to ever stop learning. To stop learning would mean a slow death for me.