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Secret of High School Textbooks (How it Can Help You Buy Highschool Textbooks Cheap)

Updated on March 30, 2013

High School Textbooks

The mystery and how you can win from knowing it!
The mystery and how you can win from knowing it!

How easy can it Be?

High School textbooks arent really the main market because most students are enrolled in public high schools and are provided with a textbook in each class. I always hated getting 4 large bulky textbooks in school that not only did I need to lug around all day, but I had to bring them home and back to school almost every day! A few teachers are helpful and make print outs for in class or homework (depending on the need of the material.) These books not only take up time loading and unloading, but also linked to cause back problems especially in females who might not be as strong as males. It makes sense to want to have a book kept in a locker for school and then have a duplicate book at home. How can this happen and how can you be a part of it? Well its all said in this short story...

Tale of the Rouge High School Textbook

Welcome back to school students! Its time to start yet another year here at (Highschool name). During your classes today teachers will be issuing textbooks that are required for the course. We are doing it early this year so we will be ready to order new ones if needed! You arrive at your math class, one of the most used textbooks of them all to do problems out of. Your teacher assigns you a book number and you fill out the form and everything and sit down waiting for the period to be over. It turns out 5 students dont have a book assigned to them, so the teacher fills out the order form for 5 books. Finally time to leave!

The following three weeks the 5 books are shipped to the school and assigned. Classes have been rolling, clicks were made, and people are all sitting and talking to the people they want to. In your rush you leave the classroom Friday afternoon and leave the assigned number book under your desk (Oh NOES). Fred sees the book and is the last one in the room. Without thinking Fred takes your book and stuffs it into his backpack. Hes set now, he has his assigned book to use in class that matches his book receipt he filled out, and he has one at home. Your not stuck in the mud, you go up to the teacher and say "My book was stolen." Hopefully they believe you and dont charge you, that isnt the case for many kids. If the best happens, they order another book and you get to share with your best friend in class until the shipment comes.

Now the year is over and all those books that were stolen arent needed anymore, you return your new book and go off into summer vacation. But does the thief keep the book? Most of the time they dont and I realized this quickly when I looked around. There are places were you can find that book, some of them are:

  • eBay
  • Used Book Superstores
  • Amazon
  • Salvation Army
  • Little Thrift Shops

This came to my realization because of course public high school textbooks are normally dated, and are more then 5 years old. I was looking around my local used book superstore and I came across the whole set I used for $12 (All 3 Books). This shocked me, right inside the cover it was stamped with my high school and who had taken them out before.

I wish I known about this while I was still in High School, id gladly pay a few dollars to never have to carry any books home! Am I telling you to go steal textbooks? Of course not, but ones that are already outside the system its better to get the use out of them then to let them go to waste!

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