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Hobbies for Your Kids "Collecting"

Updated on March 27, 2015

What's a Hobby?

A hobby is something that people do to keep there minds busy on something else beside work or any of the other crippling facts of life. It is not to be confused with something of entertainment although they can come together and even blend. There are many different hobbies (most involve collecting) to pick from and some of them are not cheap and some of them you may not want to tell your friends. I am doing this for the kids, so what I will do is list some of the most common hobbies that your kids can do and even list some of the pros and cons so that maybe your kids will have something they will cherish for many years instead of one day saying, "Well that was a waist of time."

No, 1 Comics

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, there are so many different comics these days it is just amazing. This probably one of the more common hobbies I would think, there are many titles to pick from, some titles are meant for little kids like Sonic the Hedgehog and some titles are meant for adults like anything from Marvel Max or Vertigo. and now for the pros and cons of this pass time.


* You will always find a friend or two who shares this passion.

* See the work of many talented artist and writers.

* Truly addicting stories.

* Even if it is a comic you will be reading and that is always good.

* Some comics may become valuable that if taken proper care of, they reach thousands if not millions of dollars.


* Comics can be expensive ranging anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00 not counting variant covers which wouldn't be bad if you get them quickly but they can reach $50.00 and more if you are late.

* Despite what I said in the pros most comics don't increase much in value.

* Storage can be a nuisance given a big white comic box doesn't look good in most rooms.

* Storage can also be expensive, a pack of comic bags which hold 100 bags can be $8.00 while a pack of 100 comic backboards can be $12.00.

Some of these cons can be overlooked, if you follow only one to even three series then your bags and backboards will last you a very long time, also so will your box which can hold 200 to 1,000 issues and If you can get a drawer system thin you can avoid the ugly white boxes altogether.

No, 2 Video Games

These are mainly tools of entertainment however they can easily become a hobby. There are so many different series to follow it is somewhat overwhelming. Like comics or anything for that matter, there are titles for kids such as Mario and then titles best left to the adults such as God of War, however if this turns into a hobby then you will probably follow not one several different series.


* You will always find a friend

* Games are so sophisticated these days, depending on the title you may actually learn something. Call of Duty is a good example of a game that can both entertain and educate you.

* Each game is a project and has such it will take you hours maybe even days to finish each one which I suppose could viewed as good or bad.


* Games are very expensive ranging from $60 to even $80 not counting the price of the counsel itself which can range from $300 to $600.

* These things are computers and as such got out of style and become obsolete within three to five years.

* It is very easy to get completely addicted to these things and get nothing else done.

* Unlike almost any other hobby,video games never really increase in value as the years go past in fact unless they are a limited edition with a gold cartridge or something of that nature they will only drop.

No 3 figures or dolls

this is a common hobby for sure, collecting figures is probably one of the older hobbies that even your grand parents could relate. Figures could mean anything from Godzilla to Barbie, remember all dolls are figures but not all figure are dolls, I only say that because some people may try to tamper with how you look at it like calling your Godzilla collection a doll collection, the dictionary describes that a doll must be a human looking figures which means that Godzilla or Pinkie Pie are not dolls but Spider-man or Barbie technically are (I would just call them figures). For the record, I count statues as figure collecting too.


* These can look smart on a desktop if done right.

* You can incorporate some of them with each other such as having the Marvel Universe Ghost Rider ride a Harley Davidson.

* Everybody likes a three dimensional figure of any fictional character.

* Depending on what you grab, these rocket in value going from a $12.00 figure to 120.00 or higher.


* Storage is probably the biggest problem with this hobby regardless if you take them out of package or not.

* Some of these can be very expensive.

* Depending on what you garb and how you display it, this can look really bad to the eyes of others.

No, 4 Trading Cards

Trading cards are probably one of the oldest hobbies around. When I say Trading cards I am not just talking about sports cards but any number of things like Naruto, Pokémon, Digimon or whatever there are so many to choose from that if I were to list them all I would never be finished.

* Cards are probably one of the few where storage is really not a problem given there small size and easy to manage cases.

* Trading cards are probably one of the cheaper hobbies as well given you can often times get a pack 100 cards for $10.00.

* You can enjoy great historic moments in a players history or the professional work of a very talented artist.

* Given there title, you can easily make friends by trading certain cards back and forward, this doubles has a great way to help with both collections if the each of you have a card the other doesn't have.

* Certain cards can become very valuable in the future particularly sports cards if that player dies.


* Unless you play games with them and risk losing some of them, beyond looking at them there is not much you can do with them.

* Of course certain rare cards can be expensive if you are forced to get them outside of your pack.

No, 5 Coins

There is such a wide variety of coin collecting you wouldn't believe it. State quarters is one I do personally but you focus on state parks or landmarks or maybe pennies or something else. This Hobby is probably as old as coins themselves which would make the hobby over a couple thousands of years old.


* Coins are a easy hobby to get into given that we handle money and change all the time.

* Depending on the coin, you may not need to order from a store or site to get these you could just ask the bank change for a dollar.

* like most of the things I have listed, these can jump in value.

* These can look smart anywhere trust me.


* Parhaps you will different but always have the creeping feeling that all it is is money that I could use but don't.

* These can be the most expensive of hobbies depending on the coins, some of the specialty coins sold by the U.S. Mint themselves are often times $75.00 at the lowest.

* Beyond looking pretty you can't do anything with coins.

No, 6 Books

Books have to be one of the best things to collect and with print slowly beginning to die it is a hobby that may just one day vanish. I myself am not looking forward to the day when books are no more and I respect anyone who takes the time and extra effort to read and buy good hard physical books.


* Books look smart anywhere.

* If you choose this as a hobby you really should go with hardbacks but even paperbacks look good.

* Reading is probably one of the best things you could do to spend your time.


* Books can be pricey ranging from $12.00 for most paperbacks to $20.00 for most hardbacks.

* Books really don't increase in value unless three things coordinate, it is signed by the author, it is the first publication and the author dies. Any one of these three can make a difference in value however achieving any of these three are unlikely.

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Final Thoughts

Any one of these can be allot of fun and good for your kid however I have overlooked the one and most improtant thing about any of these hobbies which is to have fun. It doesn't matter what you choose so long as you have a good time doing it, now then i have wasted enough of your time, go have fun with your hobbies whatever it is.

One I like is manga books the are like graphic novels but cheaper and like regular books but with drawings and they often have more stories then the graphic novels do and are independent making it easier to follow the stories.


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