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Hobbies for your kids "Common Sports"

Updated on March 27, 2015

Well I did a similar article awhile back about hobbies with collecting as the subject. But not all hobbies are collecting are they? Sometimes it is more of a activity then that isn't it? We all need a hobbie to help keep us sane and we want only the best hobbie for our kids, and with there being so many different sports to pick from I had to take a moment to go over some of the pros and cons to the many different hobbies.

That being said anything that gets someone up and moving is good, even if you have a work at home job where essentially all you do is type at a computer. You need to move around time to time, it is not healthy to just sit there and do physically nothing.

No 1. Football

American football is probably one of the most popular sports of all time and is probably one of the most brutal sports around even with all of the padding and helmets broken bones and concussions are still very common injuries to have by playing this sport.


* The workout required to play this sport is without question good for the body.

* Even if your team doesn't always win you will get much respect just going through it.

* You will always meet new friends that ether play or watch the sport.

* There is no season that can postpone this game.


* Bruises are the least of your worries here.

* You will get yelled at by your couch.

* Ultimately this is not a sport for those who are sensitive.

* There is no season that can postpone this game, so if you are sensitive to rain or snow then there could be a problem.

No 2. Soccer

Soccer is what the Europeans call football, having been introduced to America long ago. Soccer has more right to be called Football then any other given that the only thing you can use in the game is in fact your feet and maybe your chest. Soccer is a very physical game with lots of running around and can be great fun.


* Plenty of exercise.

* Plenty of friends.

* Plenty of fresh air.

* Like american football, there is no season that postpone this game.


* It may not be a brutal has football but soccer shares it's own history of pains.

* This game could lead to more accidents during the rainy season.

* With the term of "soccer riots" I would have to think fights are prone to break out in spirit of competition.

* Not the game for the sensitive.

No 3. Baseball

Baseball is one of the most legendary games of all time and a huge success in japan. Although there are trading cards of the other sports I feel the baseball cards are probably the most popular. Baseball is one of the biggest sports around challenged only by football and maybe basketball.


* Great exercise.

* Plenty of friends.

* Fresh air.

* Play only on good sunny days


* This game is only played on sunny days so if it is the rainy season then you may have to suffer a postponed game allot.

* Injury here can be very serious.

* Baseball can be a very slow and long game with multiple innings.

No 4. Basketball

Basketball is probably one of my least favorite sports personally but that doesn't mean a darn thing to anyone else. Basketball is one of the only ball games that is played exclusively indoors and requires a hard wood surface.


* Again plenty of friends from the team.

* Lots of exercise.

* season can stop this game being that it is played indoors.


* Falling on hard wood hurts allot more then falling on grass.

* No fresh air.

* Like football there have been some extreme injures with this game.

No 5. Tennis

Tennis is one of the many ball games that is played with a club or tool of some sort, in this case the racket. The only time your hands touch the ball in this game is to serve, after that the ball never makes contact with any person unless it is an accident. Unlike other games, tennis is played on many different fields from grass, clay and a few others.


* Plenty of exercise.

* fresh air.

* Your team may only be one person but that is still a automatic friend if you are playing teams.

* No season will stop this game.


* Injuries can be very serious.

* Like a few of the others, since this game is played under all seasons it can increase the risk.

* Since the course changes all the time it maybe hard to know just what prepare yourself for.

No 6. Golf

Golf is probably the biggest sport of all the ones I have listed here. Golf is played on wide open fields with familiar greens, fairways, sand traps and roughs. the movie Caddyshack (directed by Harold Remus and staring Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Bill Murray) which was based from golf stands as the most successful sports movie ever made.


* Fresh air.

* Very relaxing.

* One of the less risky sports one can do.


* not many friends here except for the caddy maybe.

* Although less likely then some of the others, injuries can still be very bad here.

* Can be very slow.

Greatest sports movie ever!

No 7. Cycling

Cycling is one of the most common sports and if anything makes for a great way to get from point "A" to point "B". This may be something you do alone allot but there are many riding type events that would allow someone to meet a couple of good lifelong friends.


* Plenty of exercise.

* Fresh air.

* Plenty of friends.


* Collisions are common and can lead to very serious injuries.

* A good bike can be expensive.

* Not ideal for winter.

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Final Thoughts

There so many sports it is unbelievable, I have barley even scratched the surface of what's there. I hope these workout for your kids or yourself and turn intoo the lifelong hobbies that we all need in our busy work a day lives.


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