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Home School Verses Public School

Updated on January 23, 2018
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Crystal is a mom of three. Home school teacher, writer, blogger, Author, Publisher, and Re-seller. She loves writing and writes when she can


Before I start just letting you all know that I didn't come to this decision lightly and if you choose to go this avenue you should think of the pros and cons as well. Only do what is best for you and your family.

Public School System

Public school has a wealth of opportunities. From your children being taught by a teacher who has a degree to them meeting and socializing with friends. There are good reasons to choose public and school, and bad reasons to not. Let's talk about the good reasons first.

Your children are being taught by a college educated teacher with a bachelor degree or higher. These teachers know every aspect of teaching, what children should be learning, how to grade papers, how to know if your child needs extra help. There are so many aspects a teacher has to offer. Then there is the fact that your children will have a enormous amount of friends to socialize with. Some of these children will become friends with your child for life, and some will not. Your children will have the normal physical education, art, and music that they need to show their talents. These are just some of the reasons that Public Schools are good.

Now lets focus on the bad aspects of choosing Public Schools for your child or children. Let's face it there has been many public school shooting in the news recently. That is a huge concern for me. That is one reason I made my choice of homeschooling. Event though schools are now taking precautions to prevent this. There might still be that person that get's through. Standardize test. Come on parents are teachers really teaching now a days or are they just teaching the materials needed to pass these standardize tests? I for one am not subjecting my children to this. I want them to actually learn. Then there are the bullying, fighting, and suicides. Man these have been around for so long, but now it seems like these have drastically increased in numbers. Just the other day my five year old Autistic son was being bullied on the playground by school age children. Bullying and fighting have gotten extremely out of control. For me to prevent my kids from having any of these things happening to them I choose a different avenue.

Public School might be right for you, but it is not an option for me.

Why I Choose to Home School

There are so many reasons I have chosen to homes school my children. For one I don't have to issue any standardize testing. My kids are not racking there brains trying to cram so many subjects down their throats every day. O boy, not waking up at 6:30 am to get my children off to the bus for 8:05 am. This one I am in love with. While my children are still sleeping other children are catching the bus in the freezing cold or extremely hot weather. Another reason is my children will not be tormented by bullies, and having to worry about other children wanting to fight them.

Just because it is called home school doesn't mean everything has to be done in the home. We have the opportunity to visit museums, theme parks, aquariums, and go on vacations whenever we like, because there is no schedule for homeschooling to follow. The schedule is what you make it. Which can be changed on a daily basis. Just because you can do Art, Music, and Physical Education in school doesn't mean that you cannot do it in home school as well. I would say it is better in home school, because kids can be creative and be able to find their own talents.

Yes, I work from home, but unlike like public school which is like six hours a day home school can be done in one hour or five hours. It depends on what is being done that day. I choose to do one subject or two a day. My kids are not going crazy to remember what they learned that day. Having the opportunity to change schedule every day really suits my family. Especially, having other things like work, field trips, appointments, and family time. I love my children being home. I love having the opportunity to never miss a moment in their lives. They are only toddlers, children, or teens for a little while, and I prefer not to miss a moment of that.

Teaching. Unlike Public Schools the parents are the teachers. This is good for so many reasons. I mean you teach your child to eat, talk, tie their shoes, brush their teeth, about life. Who is to tell you that you have to stop at that. Studies show that children do very well being home schooled, and a majority of home school children get into very good colleges. Parents keep their children's transcripts through high-school and colleges do except them. Even if you are skeptical about that you can totally have your child take the GED test.

Other Options Instead of Public School or Home School

These are just some of the reasons I have chosen to Home School rather than go the Public School route. What ever you choose to do make sure that is the best option for you and your family, because only you know what is best for your children and yourself. There are other options then home school and public. Some of them are unschooling, private school, charter and magnet schools, or online schools.

Remember to choose the one that works for you and your house hold.

Thanks for reading. Please comment.


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© 2018 Crystal Fresneda


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