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Homeless kids

Updated on October 25, 2012

Love when Homeless happens

Children are the once that have a hard time with going homeless. They sometimes think that it's there fault that things got that way. Make them happy even if it's just a little thought on a piece of paper or a hug and kiss might make them feel good. There is not much to make a child happy but just show them love and enjoy life with them. Have fun with them or just laugh out of no where and you will feel so great inside because laughter is something that we should do no matter what because things are not all that bad. Just sit back with them and show them that things are so good because it could be worst. Like you could be blind in a coma, or even unable to move but although all this happens these people still find ways to laugh and enjoy life because we got to remember we only have one life to enjoy by our selves or with the once we love the most so life is to be happy so just grab it and go. Life is hard for a grow-up but could you image what it's like for a child when they feel alone and wondering why these things are happen to them and there families. At times most grow-ups forget that they are even there and by the time they do notice that they are it's to late because the age of the child has a lot to do also with what they are feeling and wanting to do about it. Just have faith and don't let your self down because no matter what your going through you are never alone.


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