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Household Products Review

Updated on February 17, 2013

Kid tested, mother approved, then dad writes about it.

This page features reviews of common household products, everything from household cleaners, air fresheners, to frozen foods, and bath room products.

Neither I or my family receive any compensation from the manufactures of the products listed below.

The money raised by advertising revenue goes to the Squidoo Charity Fund, as well as several Children's Charities, American Heart Association, Cancer Research Foundation and many more. Read on and enjoy the fact that just by you doing something as simple as reading this is helping your community and thousands of others worldwide.

Renuzit Long Lasting Adjustable Air Fresheners

A Product Review

As most parents notice with having kids in the house, it starts to smell after a while from dirty diapers, dirty laundry, pets and the hundreds of other family related smells in the house. My wife every grocery shopping day stocks up a supply of Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener's, usually five or six every two weeks, one for each bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom in the house.

These adjustable air fresheners come in a wide variety of scents including Sunny Laundry, Tropical Melon, Lavender & Violet, Raspberry, Citrus Sunburst, Apple & Cinnamon, and a few more delightful fragrances. These air fresheners each last about two weeks and cost less than $1.50 each at most discount stores like Wal-Mart, or Target. Often my wife finds them on sale for two for a dollar at local bargain shops and discount stores.

Each Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener weighs only 7.5 ounces and is compact enough to hide them behind picture frames, or on book shelves to keep them out of site, but their shape and design is pleasing to the eye so their not tacky at all if you want to set them in plain sight in your home.

After a few days though you may notice your nose becomes accustomed to the scent in each room so we try to mix the scents by putting a different fragrance in each room, then rotating them every couple of days, or once a week to keep the house smelling great to our sense of smell. Our guests often point out how delightful our home smells, and ask how we keep such a pleasant scent in the house, since I hide most of the Renuzit Adjustable Air Fresheners behind picture frames in the living room, and in corners on the book shelves in other rooms of the house.

We also found our daughter enjoys the chore of replacing the air fresheners every two weeks, we make a game of it I time her as she runs through the house collecting the dried and used air freshener containers, then hurries back around the house replacing them with new ones.

We have been highly satisfied with Renuzit Adjustable Air fresheners, and have been using them in our home for over five years now. I would highly recommend them to any household where those every day odors seem to lurk around the house.

For more information on the styles of Renuzit Long lasting Adjustable Air Freshener consult or call 1-866-RENUZIT.

Renuzit Long Lasting Adjustable Air Fresheners are manufactured by HENKEL, and distributed by the DIAL Corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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A Review of the product Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Powerful Foaming Cleaner for Kitchen and Bath

A Review of the product Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Powerful Foaming Cleaner for Kitchen and Bath

After being recommended by several friends and family my wife decided to try the product known as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. With having kids in the house our kitchen, bathrooms, and tile walls are almost always nightmares to keep clean. This product has made the toughest juice stain, soap scum, and crayon marks come off with very little effort.

Each box of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser contains two white foam erasers with an aqua green abrasive side for those tough stains and caked on food particles. The style we decided to try also came scented with Febreze Meadows & Rain fragrance, which really makes a difference when cleaning in the bathroom. Each foam eraser is disposable, but tough enough to use in both bathrooms, or clean the entire kitchen with just the occasional rinse.

The only danger of this product is that it contains a mild acidic cleanser so you must keep them out of reach of children and pets as you would any household cleaning product. You may also want to use rubber household cleaning gloves when using them to avoid abrasions to your hands when holding the rough green abrasive side of the foam pad. The products package also lists several surfaces that you should avoid using your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on; such surfaces as polished wood, copper, and stainless steel. The package also recommends you perform a test on a small out of site area of the surface first to avoid any color change or damage to your counter tops, microwave, stove, sink, walls, wallpaper, or bathtub. It also states to avoid using with chlorine bleach or on your vehicle’s body. So you know it’s got some industrial strength type cleanser build in to this product.

So in closing while using some common sense and precaution, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can be a helpful and time saving product for any household, I would give this product six out of ten stars.

For more information See: or call 1-800-248-1612

Made in Germany, Packaged in U.S.A.

Distributed by: Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati, Ohio

Product Review: Old Spice Red Zone Change Up Body Wash

Product Review: Old Spice Red Zone Change Up Body Wash

I was contacted a while back to try a new product from Old Spice and report back my thoughts. I received in the mail a retail size squeeze bottle of Old Spice Red Zone Change Up Body Wash. The bottle says it uses "Evolving Scent Technology" which basically is two different formulas of body wash in one bottle so each time you use it the two formulas mix in different amounts to produce a delightful Old Spice style scent that varies with each use. It's been several months since I received the original bottle to use and report my thoughts, and I'm still using that original sample. It does provide a slightly different scent with each use, it always that familiar Old Spice manly musk but the strength of the scent varies each time. I found it to be a pleasant body wash, and I have sensitive skin but it didn't give me any adverse reactions that most new soaps or body washed give me on the first try. So I would say it is a very mild skin cleanser and is safe for almost anyone to use.

I would recommend it for any man who wants a body wash that doesn't have the exact same scent every time, and is a comparable scent and value to AXE Body Wash.

You Can Also read this review on Associated Content:

Product Review: Old Spice Red Zone Change Up Body Wash
I would recommend it for any man who wants a body wash that doesn't have the exact same scent every time, and is a comparable scent and value to AXE Body Wash.
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Del Monte Fruit Naturals

Del Monte Fruit Naturals
I recommend Del Monte Fruit Naturals to any parent or health conscience person who enjoys a great fruit snack for lunch or between meals as a healthy alternative to junk food.


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