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Housewife: When Your Husband Is Away

Updated on October 29, 2017

How To Cope

Trying to juggle the kid(s), bills, cleaning, cooking, school, family, friends, shopping, and appointments is tough. Trying to do it alone is an even bigger challenge. Coping with it, unfortunately, an inevitability of the life we live. Let's cope together!

Don't Judge Me

I have heard a million and 0ne times to "Suck it up because at least he has a job!" 90% of the time, those that say that have their Significant Others home every night with them. If you are going to tell someone to "get over it" then you ought to make sure that it can't come back to bite you in the bum.

Oh Boy, The Kids!

Here is where this gets the most difficult! Usually, you have your spouse to help with the kids while they are home so you can focus on cooking, cleaning, shopping, or other things. However, with them being gone, you have to grow a few extra arms (no I'm not serious). Personally, my husband and I have a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. Thankfully, we only have one child during all of this so it's not too difficult to juggle it all. For those of you that have more than one child, you will understand fully what I mean when I say, you have to grow an extra arm. But, you also have to become one of the vampires from the Twighlight series because you don't get to sleep much. You have o much to do with your spouse being there, that when they are gone, you lose your mind!

My 'Complaint'

I am aware that my husband is just doing what he has to do. I'm not saying that I wish he didn't work. I am proud of everything he accomplished for us. I am simply saying that I wish that he had better opportunities closer to home.

How Do You Cope?

Personally, I have to take it one day at a time. It may seem anticlimactic for me to say so, but you can't force yourself to be happy with the situation. It all builds up and explodes at some point. As long as you know that each day with them away, makes you closer to the day they come home to you again. Trying to keep yourself busy has always worked for me. Especially if you are like I am and have trouble sleeping without them. If you keep yourself as busy as possible during the day, by the time you go to bed, you just fall asleep. If you do that each day, the time will fly by and it will seem less stressful and sad.

What About Your Family?

Family is always wonderful to be around. However, you can't expect them to stop their lives and jobs just because you are home or because your spouse is away. They have their lives just like you have yours.

Just Breathe

I know it's tough trying to deal with it all when you feel like you have to make the world spin all on your own. Just remember to take a deep breathe now and then and collect yourself so you don't end up in the psych ward! Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to have some alone time (I have done this) while your kids are throwing tantrums. As long as you remember to take a minute to relax, you will do fine.

Are you a housewife to an out of town spouse?

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Military Spouses!

To all of our military spouses and their families, I would like to say thank you for your strength and bravery as well as your husband's and wives overseas. I send my prayers out to y'all and my love. From my family to yours, we thank you and pray that your loved ones come home safely for the holidays coming soon.

© 2017 Carissa Kumiko Bradley


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