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How A Father’s Well-Structured Family Vision can Help Develop a Positive Community Culture

Updated on July 13, 2017

The duty of fathers is to develop an unclouded, well-structured vision for his family. The goal is to create purpose and direction for all members. Now, it must be understood that there is a significant lack of this initiative going on in society today.

For example, teenagers everywhere are walking in a mentality of disrespect, especially toward adults, including against teachers and other authority figures.

However, discipline starts in the home with the father. His ability to establish a vision for the family will go a long way in creating a strong family which benefits society.

What Does a Family Vision Do?

A well-structured, family vision helps create direction and stability, foster good values and develops a reputation for serving the community.

A willingness to communicate is the key. If a father brings his family together and shares a vision of what he hopes the family will become in society, he has embarked upon a great initiative. Great families who are well respected in the community don’t live in a chaotic existence. Their habits and routines are driven by values that drive unity and positive change.

When a father meets with his family, he should discuss a vision that impacts his family in every area of life.

The meeting should include such topics as:

Personal goals

  • Image
  • Character
  • values

Home life expectations

  • Respect
  • Encouragement
  • Home Chores

Financial goals

  • Allowance
  • Money management
  • On time bill payment

Academic goals

  • Homework
  • Focus
  • classwork

Career goals

  • Possible career choices

Health goals

  • Exercises
  • Nutritional foods
  • Physical fitness
  • Sports involvement

Awareness of Family Vision

Do You have a Well-Structured Vision for your family?

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Spiritual goals

  • Prayers
  • Meditation
  • Church service

Community goals

  • Acknowledging the needs of others
  • Standing up for the poor
  • Volunteer service

Once these topics are shared and discussed and agreed upon, a father should establish the overall vision in writing. The vision must not be forgotten. It must be nurtured and readjusted as times goes by and new directions become necessary

Fathers who desire to establish a strong family culture which others can imitate must not hold back from the constant communication of the vision. Every six months, if not sooner, the family should come together and measure progress in the above areas.

The Tragedy of not taking Charge

A father who refuses to take charge of his family by establishes structure and creating a family vision will endanger his reputation as a responsible and honorable leader. If a man’s home is chaotic, his children disrespect authority, his connection with his son or daughter is non-existence and his ideal of good family is to leave everybody alone, then he has forsaken his fatherhood.

The Negligent, Neighborhood Father

A father must take charge. I neighbor of mine, Samuel, had a pretty decent livelihood, at least from a financial standpoint. He went to work and payed the bills. No one starved. However, he had lost control by his children, especially his son. In addition, he also had four daughters in whose lives he had no idea of what was going on.

Father & Daughter
Father & Daughter

He hardly connected with his children on an intimate level. Each teen age child was left to defend on their own.

However, his son got arrested for abusing a longtime girlfriend. There had been many arguments between the two, but the father never got involved. His daughters became increasingly wild, often challenging their mother for control.

Soon neighbors in the community begin to take notice. Rumors begin to spread that the children were out of control. His wife became increasingly frustrated due to the growing chaos in the home and the father’s aloofness.

The rumors along with the chaos in the home may have become so embarrassing that the family moved away, perhaps to escape the negative reputation developed in the community.

A chaotic home culture is developed when a father thinks that it is enough just to go to work and provide financially for his family. He doesn’t establish any intimacy with his children or any significant commination with his wife regarding vision and structure in the family.

Families need vision and structure to become significant role models in all levels of society, especially in the community, which is really a collective family who we may never know on a personal level.

Nevertheless, the image and reputation of a family weigh heavily on the ability of a father to establish structure and vision for all involved.

Have You Established Vision and Structure for Your Family? The Community needs Your Leadership.


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