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How Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Help to Soothe Babies

Updated on April 18, 2012

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If you've ever been around a group of babies, you may have noticed many of them wearing amber-colored necklaces. The necklaces are revered as a natural form of pain relief for babies, especially when teething.

Where do they come from?

Genuine Baltic amber is an organic fossil that was created under natural conditions 45 million years ago. It is found in countries near the Baltic Sea (i.e. Lithuania, Poland, Latvia). Because of it's origin, historically it was used to heal in Europe. The amber teething necklaces have now been introduced to the North American market and more and more parents are seeing results from using them.

How do they work?

Many parents look to baltic amber teething necklaces to stop common symptoms related to teething like irritability, redness or blotchy cheeks, swollen gums and diaper rashes.

Amber contains a substance called Succinic Acid which is an anti-inflammatory. When the amber beads warm when warn, Succinic Acid is released and penetrates the skin. It is know to also boost the body's immune system, speed healing, and reduce inflammation caused by infections. Many parents use it because it is a non-invasive and natural way to soothe and heal ailments in babies.

How do you use them?

Although you may think that they are intended for babies to chew on, this is not the case. Parents simply fasten the necklace around the baby's neck and let the amber do the rest. It is best used when left on all the time, but you can also remove it when bathing the baby or when putting them to bed at night.

How safe are they?

The necklaces are measured accurately to ensure children won't be able to put them in their mouth. The necklaces are knotted before and after each bead in case the necklace does break. This is to ensure small pieces won't be accessible to the baby. Many of the beads are small enough to be swallowed, however won't cause choking.

Many of the producers of amber teething necklaces do recommend removing the necklace at night and never leave a baby unattended while wearing one.

Which one should I buy?

You'll firstly want to make sure that you are purchasing 100% Baltic amber. Do not be swayed by amber-colored beads or impersonators. Cheaper amber will not have the same effect as they are frequently over-processed. Many mothers agree that the lighter, honey-colored ambers are more effective than the darker, cognac-colored ambers. If you are skeptical about which color is best, chose one that has different colors strung on one necklace.

Where can I buy one?

Many health food stores and baby stores carry Baltic amber teething necklaces. You can also purchase them online at eco baby shops and from Amazon.

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    • profile image

      ozsavers 5 years ago

      They are effective as per my friends. You can check this site for some great offers of this amber teething necklace

    • craftybird profile image

      craftybird 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Thank you for your input, My2GreenBeans!

    • My2GreenBeans profile image

      My2GreenBeans 6 years ago from Tennessee

      My son wears an amber necklace. I take it off at my well meaning but misinformed ped’s office. They think my “crunchy” ways are weird. Whenever I do my son gets upset and tries to get me to put it back on. Each bead is individually hand-knotted so if a child wear to break a necklace no more than 1 bead would tumble off. You order them in a length that is loose enough around the neck but not loose enough to pull up to the neck. As the grows you replace with a new necklace if teething is still an issue. Likewise, the length of the necklaces is such that there isn’t enough room to twist it to choke. My child has worn his necklace since he was a year old. I know literally more than 50 other moms whose children wear them 24/7. I am not saying an incident can’t happen. Just that as of yet I have never heard of one.

    • profile image

      klarawieck 6 years ago

      I'd heard about amber being used for teething babies in ancient times, but I always assumed they would bite on the stone. Thanks for informing us. Great article!

    • craftybird profile image

      craftybird 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I totally understand your concern. I do know many mothers who have used the necklaces without incident. I never had to worry because my little one didn't have a bad time teething...thank goodness!

    • Brandym2012 profile image

      Brandym2012 6 years ago from PA

      My children are older now. However, there is no way I'd ever go this route for teething relief. Many times you hear something is safe and in a few years they are being recalled. This is one item that I would never consider. Thank you for sharing this Hub. I didn't even know these beads existed.