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How Do I Find Out Where I was Born

Updated on August 12, 2012
How do I find out where I was born?
How do I find out where I was born?

For those who know little of their past, there is no greater question than finding out where they were born. The beginning of their story and the understanding of who they are begins at this critical point. Imagine simply having to ask the question “How do I find out where I was born”? Such a question would come with an emptiness that would certainly need to be filled. The good news is that these days, this question can almost always be answered. In nearly every developed nation, hospitals keep full records of every birth. Further, most governments track any births without their boarders, creating and environment that allows for any diligent researcher to find out where they were born.

How do I find out where I was born - starting your reserch

As with most research, you will need to begin broadly and work your way in as information is discovered. Logically therefore, you will first need to make sure that you know you country of birth. Assuming you at least have that information, you will be able to begin your search in earnest looking into the government of hospital documents for that country. From there, you will need to discover the state or province in which you were born. For most who are searching for their birthplace, this information will either be available within their family, or they will have some information that would at least give them a pretty good idea of where they were likely to have been born.

How do I find out where I was born - The documents

With the state or province information in hand, you will simply need to contact the government vital records for that state. That office maintains the documents of live birth, normally called a birth certificate. Ask the customer service representative what you will need to obtain a copy of your records. They may also be willing to look up your records for verification while you have them on the phone. For this information you will need your full birth name. In some states, you may be required to visit the office to obtain your birth certificate. You should also expect to pay a small fee to obtain these documents.

Once you obtain your certificate of birth, you will find the location of your birth listed on the paperwork. At a minimum, the certificate will tell you the city in which you were born, and in most cases it will list the hospital as well. Should you discover that you hospital is not listed, simply begin and Internet search for hospitals in the area.

How do I find out where I was born - The final step

Once you have the names of area hospitals, you are almost there. Just as the government maintains records of births, so to do hospitals. With your hospital list in hand, you will simply need to begin calling those hospitals and ask them to search for you birth record. In no time at all, you will be able to locate the exact location of your birth.

Certainly this is a process that may take a bit of time, but with some effort and a bit of diligence, you will be able to answer that important question, “how do I find out where I was born.”


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