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How Do I Keep From Pulling Out My Hair

Updated on October 3, 2012


Now if you found me it’s because you are where I have been many times, over extended trying to do everything AND take care of a child or two properly. Well FIRST let’s count our blessings that we have these bundles of joy because before they learn the word NO and how to roll their eyes, they are so perfect. Two; I do and will ALWAYS love my son. Getting those two facts out of the way; let’s clear the air, children ARE NOT easy, whether you are a stay at home parent or an out of home working parent, it is always going to be hard and, will often feel like it is more than you can bear. I am a single mom, my mother stayed with me until my son was 6 (six) months old, I was terrified when the time came that she could no longer stay with me. So many questions and doubts ran through my head; how am I going to do this? CAN I do this? Will I end up ruining him? How will I keep from falling apart? And, many others. Here is what I have learned in 10 months of being a single mom; It is OK if I fall apart, as long as I get myself back together, the trick; I hold it together until nap time and when he goes down I pop headphones in and run the tub, hot bath always helps. Yes I need to clean my house and I haven’t put away the clean laundry I washed 3 days ago, the dishes are in the sink and need to be loaded, there’s at least a dozen NEW stains on the carpet and all my work pants look like they got chewed up by a goat. So how do I dare relax instead of using his sleeping time to do the 50million things in my house that need doing? Very easily, if I get burnt out and he wakes up in the middle of me doing those 50million things I am going to be exhausted and when it comes down to it I am going to feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished, (you will always diminish ALL you’ve done), I will be exhausted and then I will feel like a bad mother when I can’t muster up the energy to invest QUALITY time with my son. So relaxing bath and jams out of the way, I lose about 30mintues of nap time, but I dry off and put on SUPER comfortable clothes, find a comfy place, the bed next to my sweet menace, or drag a chair out to the patio and, I catch up on my magazines; I already paid for the subscriptions, need to get my money’s worth, another 45 minutes gone. Now most of you are probably thinking that I wasted all this time and my son will wake up any minute and I will have accomplished nothing, but guess what? You’d be wrong. I accomplished recharging my batteries, at this time one of two things is going to happen, He will wake up and I will go into the routine I have set up for that or he will continue sleeping and I will go into the routine I have set up to THAT situation. I may not have put a dent in my TO DO list but I kicked a giant hole in my stress level, now I can somehow stay up late and tie up any loose ends sleep deeply and wake up rested, which generally means I wake up earlier than usual, so that time I invested in myself I get back twofold I can do so much more rested and my friends think I’m a superwoman, working, studying, raising my son, keeping my house and not looking like a haggard crazy cat lady.


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