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How Do You Value Your Family?

Updated on August 9, 2016

What is Family?

Generally speaking, family is the basic unit of the society. A family is consist of a mother,father,a son or a daughter. A family is living in the place permanently called "home" where harmonious relationship is the ideal concept of a happy family.

Love or Money?

There are various stories we heard Filipina who have married Americans have been uplifted from poverty. These couple choose to settle down here in the Philippines or the wife will be migrated to husband’s place and live there. Well, I guess every woman deserves a better life after marrying a man but what is in the foreign people that most of our Filipino women are looking for? Is it for love or money?

Today, we hear stories about spouses left by their wives and runaway as a result of wedding Americans. One of the essentially reasons was the spouses are extremely languid and don't know how to make a living, have no steady showing with regards to and reckless. So they considered wedding a well-off man or non-native could give all that they have to accomplish a superior life, quality instruction for the youngsters and their future. In some way, spouses are not mollified of what they are having thus leaving their partner is the answer for getting an extravagant life as they want. In any case, it might be at any rate great if a couple don't have posterity yet. Consider the possibility that they have youngsters. Who might deal with them? How might a man function most particularly in the event that they still have children?

It is truly distinctive part and approach if a mother is lost in a family. A mother is dependably an aide and the light of their kids' future. For this situation, it will result to a softened family up which kids possibly delude to a wrong way. They may be no more in school and stop rather works himself for a house help, development worker, and homeless person. Others are participating in unlawful act, for example, theft and most exceedingly bad is getting included in a "group", use illegal drugs that outcomes in fixation and perpetrate offensive violations.

In the event that you are the mother and father, would you permit this to happen? Do you esteem the holy observance of marriage? Can you to recall the exchange of promises amongst you and your partner?

Before long, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually you get old and your kids will reimburse you about what you have done from them. They absolutely your qualities in your most established days deal with you and aide you in your visual deficiency days. However, they could likewise be your most exceedingly bad situation when you are not treating them well since birth. Treasure your youngsters, fare thee well, teach them, and adore them most importantly on the grounds that in the end they are the ones who care for you as family. Be mollified with yourself and your family, stay upbeat, adore much better your spouse and serve God keeping in mind the end goal to assemble a concordant association with your accomplice and whatever remains of your relatives.


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