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How I Raised My Child Alone

Updated on February 14, 2016

What's really going on?

How can we keep the joy we first felted when we first found out we were going to be a parent? As the years pass and our children begin to grown and explore what life has to offer. First they start holding on to things around them, next thing you know they are walking. How wonderful it seems that they are doing all these new wonderful thing by themselves. Then one day you hear them call you " Ma Ma", then that Ma Ma turns into Mama and it gets louder and more profound as they continue to grow and call your name. It's like love at first sight and as you get to know that person you fell deeply in love with you start to see all kinds of faults. Which is just what you feel as your children grow and start learning about life.

By the time they are 5 years old they are moving further away from the home front, seeing what's out in the real world. We start looking at what they're eating, reading, wearing and caring about as a parent. We want to know who, what and where they go,who their friends are and why they want to go where they go. Time is flying and you lie up and your child is a teenager with a mind of a ant but still think they know it all.

What's a single mother to do, 14 years have passed by and the father never shows up, after making promises he never kept. They childis getting more and more determined to make him act right but it's just a dream because daddy is who he is. Then your child starts to question his own character from the rejection that the father provided so freely. Mama steps back in to reassure her male child that it's going to be alright with or without him. But from a child's point of view it's hard for a male child to understand why his father neglects to give him the same love and care mama gives uconditionally.


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