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How Involved Are You: Cyber World

Updated on August 2, 2012

How much time do you spend on Facebook or a similar networking site?Hours, minutes? Can you go a few days without updating your fellow Facebook friends? Many cannot. In fact it has even grown into a very bad habit for us all.

Social Networking is dangerous for teens and kids of all ages. I am sure you have heard the stories of an adult trying to meet up with a child. How are you protecting your child from potential harm?

Reasons Kids and Young Teens Should Not Be On a Social Networking Site

  1. Someone could be seeking to harm your child

  2. Allows enemies or bullies to find your child easily

  3. Recent updates lets everyone know what your child is doing

Kids and teenagers do not have the best common sense. “Hey a new friend request.” Click and accept. Kids care about one thing. How many friends they have, they do not think about anything else. So they add people without even thinking about who could possibly find them alone and harm them.

“That kid will pay, for embarrassing me in gym today.” The thought of an angry “friend”

I am going on a camping trip with my mom and dad, this should be fun. At least their letting me take my dog.” Whats that the house will be empty and the watch dog will not be there. Hmmm... That won't give a troubled teenager a thought or two.

Kids Are Not The Only Ones Who Need To Be Careful On Social Networking Sites

  1. Everyone knows where you are

  2. What you just did/what you are planning to do

  3. Who you are hanging around with

  4. Teaching Habits

Do we know longer need privacy? I mean really? No one. And I mean no one needs to know you're going to the store, church, or to go walk the park. That is asking for trouble, and if you are a parent you need or at least should be careful to put your children in harm.

Hey world I am going on a cruise and leaving my kids behind with their 18 year old brother.” Why? Is there a point to this?

Chillin' with my girl Sissy Lemonface.” Now you are putting your friend out there. Does Lemonface know you are using her name on the internet?

Well it is 11:30 wants again, world, time to go to bed.” Hello, world, it is 5:30 time to get ready for work.” Why, would you put your routine and habits for the world to see. You are making a stalkers life that much easier. She or he doesn't even need to work at it anymore. Is the cyber world that important to you.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Parents need to control what their child is doing online.