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How to Save Money Buying Infant Formula Checks At Ebay

Updated on April 10, 2009

Infant formula is killer on the budget and as if having a new baby wasn't a tough enough strain on the finances, paying out around $100 a month if not more can really hurt.

Infant formula checks also known as formula coupons can take a bite out of that and save you money by covering part of the costs for the formula.

Go Straight To The Source For Baby Formula Checks

First before you start buying from Ebay, sign up directly at the source to get a supplemental supply of infant formula checks coming right to you mailbox no purchase neccesary

Infant formula checks aka formula coupons, are distributed by the formula manufacturing companies to try to get new mothers to become loyal to their brands.

In addition to signing up for the checks, you will also receive some very cool free stuff.

You can sign up at for their Similac Welcome Addition Club and receive formula checks for Similac brand formulas

Enfamil was the choice formula in our house, it was helpful to be receiving formula checks for $1 to $3 dollars. The few that came through with $5 and $10 off were greatly appreciated. Join at Enfamil Family Beginnings

Nestle Good Start formula offers checks too. I really like the free growth and development booklets they sent out.

Buying On Ebay

Buying and Selling formula checks on Ebay is common practice. Both buyer and seller benefit because even with a small price saved by purchasing, the buyer is still saving overall.

I do not recommend paying more than 75% of the total worth of the formula checks. If the check is for $10, do not pay more than $7.50 after shipping price. $2.50 is a good savings on a can of formula, and you can find these deals so hold out on the ones that are for almost the entire price of the formula check. Your best savings will be for those around 50% to 65% of the coupon value.

When Buying Formula Checks On Ebay Remember The Following

  • You will have to buy formula anyway, saving $1 to $3 per can is worth your time and effort

  • Never buy from an Ebay seller with less than 97% feedback and always look at the negative feedback for any seller under 99%

  • Formula checks sometimes have the original receivers name on them. Some stores care, some don't. Pay with cash and it won't matter. The infant checks work like coupons, they don't ID for coupons

  • Beware of expiration dates on checks

  • Always keep in mind the shipping price when calculating savings

  • Some formula checks are good for all of that brands products, others are more specific. Make sure you know if the formula check is good for all variety's or just for one kind.


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    • profile image

      Mom 2 Mom Blogger 7 years ago

      I have been listing formula checks on ebay and the same buyers purchase them within a minute of listing.

      I hope I'm helping someone out when doing so. For some reason I must still be on a mailing list of some sort as my kids are now 2 and 3.

    • nWoAdi profile image

      nWoAdi 9 years ago from Singapore

      It seems that both of my newborn niece and nephew are rejecting not only this particular brand of milk but also other brands in which I will not name. So, I guess babies too are fussy. Currently, my sister and brother-in-law have been able to let their child stick to Friso Gold,