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How To Act Like A Gentleman

Updated on July 21, 2017

The usual depiction of a gentleman is a elegantly suited man, perhaps with a top hate and a nicely trimmed mustache. But fear not my fellow friends for I have good news, you do not need to look like the monopoly man in order to be a gentleman no, for I have several tips on how to become a gentleman.

Tip #1, Be courteous and polite. A big thing about being a gentleman is being polite, no shoving nor rude behavior is permitted no sir, you must come with every ounce of politeness and kindness as you can muster. Hold open a door for another, open a seat for someone, comment on how nice they look.

Tip #2, Dress well. You needn't wear a suit and tie for the rest of your days, no but a gentleman cannot be seen wearing stained clothing and smelling foul. Unless you have come back from the gym, then a pass shall be granted to thee. A clean pair of clothes can go a long way, it also will help in other aspects of life.

Tip #3, Speak and then listen. Here lads is one that many should learn from, speaking and then listening will help a conversation to not become clouded with interruptions and what have you. Saying what needs to be said from you and then listening to what the other has to say is another way of being courteous. If you wish to say something that might conflict with what the other speaks about stay quiet, allow them to speak and then say what is on your mind.

Tip #4, Conversation is necessary. As I have said before humans are a social folk, conversation will happen here or there and one must come prepared. Speak then listen, just as this one is important it also follows the third tip. In conversations keeping it flowing is a must, that is if both wish to talk and have no where to go when said conversation takes place. Think of pleasant things to talk about. Your day or their day, music or movies, games or pleasant activities that have been done. If one initiates the conversation it is their absolute duty to be the one who works the hardest to keep the talking going.

Tip #5, Polite gestures. If in a relationship with someone then be a gentleman! A gift will suffice, perhaps a flower or well written poem, a beautiful picture or box of chocolates, maybe even a simple text saying how they are missed or happy they are together. Something nice and kind, or if the young one prefers a slap on the old posterior then have it.

Tip #6, Give a compliment. Everyone likes a compliment, it warms them up inside and gives them a feeling of happiness. Everyone should feel that warmth. It does not need to be a large compliment, one should not need to make one up if it isn't true. A compliment on ones hair or how they look, perhaps they are wearing a nice dress or just have a lovely glow.

Tip #7, Keep your emotions in check. A gentleman is the prime example of what a man can do when he puts his nose to the grindstone, when he truly works on becoming more then just a man. But becoming, a gentle-man. Keep ones lust in check, their anger behind locked doors. Are you to become a stone or zombie? No, but one cannot be loud when trying to be respectful yes?

Tip #8, Be yourself. One person can be a gentleman with rather ease, it doesn't mean changing your entire self or faking an image that isn't actually you. One can be a gentleman by showing a little compassion, a little elegance, a little bit of kindness. Although if you are just a bloody wanker then perhaps you should work on that for the most part.

Final Tip, Enjoy yourself. Being a gentleman requires more then just being a rather gentle person, it requires enjoying what you do. Nowadays gentlemen are hard to come by, but one can be a gentleman without having to work full time. Show a bit of kindness to someone, hold open a door as previously stated. Just be polite.


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