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How To Be A Bad Parent

Updated on October 29, 2011

How To Be A Bad Parent

1. Raise your children in unstable and turbulent households

2. Continue (by your actions) to expose your kids to violence and poverty

3. Put no time into your children’s school work and never express the importance of education.

4. Set a bad example of lifestyle choices and do nothing to show/encourage your children to do better.

5. Fail to protect your children from molestation, incest, etc by putting your needs for a relationship above your child’s well being.

6. Talk down to your kids by using negative words that destroy their sense of accomplishment, value, and self worth.

7. Ignore the accomplishments of your children.

8. Reward negative behavior rather than praising positive actions and achievement.

9. Teach them not to dream or provide them with 50 reasons why their hopes/dreams won’t work and they might as well not try.

10. Talk “at” your children rather than communicating “with” them.

11. Do not share poor choices you made in an attempt for your children to make better decisions with their lives.

12. Do not support their interests or activities that interest them.

13. Place 100% of your child’s education on the educational school system rather than taking an active role in the learning development of your child.

14. Teach your children to be selfish and only like others if they can give/do something for you.

15. Be heartless to your children.

16. Holler and scream at your children all the time teaching them how to maintain a love/hate unhealthy relationship.

17. Play favorites, obviously caring and loving one child 10x more than the other.

18. Lie, cheat, and steal right in front of their face (or behind their back) and think they won’t grow up to be just like you.

19. Never show love, just toleration.

20. Be selfish and think of your needs above theirs.


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    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 6 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      More parents should read this. I've known parents that live by this list and I feel so bad for their children, most of whom are wonderful beings. If I say something, they lash out at me, so I've chosen to no longer be friends with these "parents." Voting UP.

    • Teria Wendel profile image

      Teria Wendel 6 years ago from Bradenton,Florida

      Love it!!!

    • MamaNeedsJava profile image

      Bea Toome 6 years ago from Undisclosed

      A brutally accurate list.