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How To Care For Your New Baby - Take Care of Yourself

Updated on January 4, 2011
Take care of yourself as well as your new baby
Take care of yourself as well as your new baby

Bringing Home the New Baby

It's time to bring the new baby home.  You've waited nine long months.  You never thought the day would arrive.  But it has, and with that little bundle of joy, comes a major change in life as you knew it.  You've asked your mother and your best friend, you might have even asked complete strangers you met in the park - "What is it like?"  "What should I expect?" 

Until you bring that baby home and experience it first hand, you will never fully understand the exhaustion that can accompany your baby's homecoming.  Taking care of yourself, is the best defense against exhaustion and the best way to care for your baby.

No One Expects You To Be Supermom

This is the time to get to know and enjoy the new addition to your family. The first few months, when your baby is completely dependent on you and not giving you much back in return, will go by fast. You need to ignore the fast moving world around you and slow down. Your baby is going to eat and sleep on his own schedule. Adjust your schedule to work around his. Don't stress over what isn't getting done. Put some of your obligations aside for awhile. They'll still be there once your life has fallen into some sort of routine and you and your baby have made the adjustment of living together.

When you have finally gotten the baby to sleep, and you are faced with the decision of whether to catch up on some sleep,or do a long overdue chore, take the nap. The chore can wait. A rested mom is better equipped to take care of her newborn. Whenever possible, sleep when baby sleeps.

The next best thing to catching a little bit of sleep is relaxing in a hot bath, or enjoying some quiet time with your husband. If you have a trusted family member or friend, take a little bit of time away. Go for a walk, or a cup of coffee. Don't feel guilty about leaving the baby. Both of you will benefit from a better rested mom who is refreshed and ready to take on the challenges the new baby brings.

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby
Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, 2nd Edition
Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, 2nd Edition

"A family-friendly, easily read…guide to the unique experience of caring for a newborn that is both practical and medically sound


Relax and Enjoy Your New Baby

As a new mother, you need to let go some of the expectations you had before you brought your baby home.  You need to expect the unexpected and deal with it as best as you can.  You have only one job and that is to take care of your baby and make him feel safe.  Don't worry about the things you don't have time to do.  Let things go and take care of yourself.  Take this time to get to know your baby.  It will be over before you know it.  Your baby doesn't expect anything more from you than love.

Sleeping baby girl
Sleeping baby girl


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