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How To Confess A Wrongdoing to your Parents?

Updated on May 26, 2009

For some teens, the task of confessing a wrong to your parents is hard and probably the hardest pressure a child could have. Oftentimes, we would tend to resort not telling them or rather, delaying things not knowing that things might be too late before you tell them. But as you delay things, chances are your parents might later find out from others and not from your own initiative. If this happens, you might soon lose the trust your parents have given you and might even bring a gap between both of you. Do you want these to happen?

I'm sure every kid doesn't want that. So in order for you to develop honest communication with your parents, follow these principles that will soon lead you to a more closer relationship with your parents.

#1. Seek God's Help First

The first and foremost thing to do is to pray. Ask the Lord for guidance and strength to do things His way. Ask God for forgiveness first before to anyone else. This is a better start that will give you a better preparation and the confidence to do the hard ways.

#2. Have An Honest Reflection Of The Wrong You've Done

It's not enough that you have already asked God for forgiveness. You committed a mistake to them, so remember your responsibility to tell them the truth. The next best thing to do is to have an honest reflection of yourself. You might want to start by asking yourself these questions: What are the things am I sorry for? What are the reasons that made me do that? What are the mistakes have I done to cause hurt to my parents so much? Always remember that in kind of every situation, it is always better to start with yourself first before jumping into conclusion. In this way, you will have a clear sense of forgiveness and reflecting upon them allows you to be really sorry about it and to be humble for the mistakes you have done.

After asking yourself such questions, you should have a clear direction of your action. What are the things you'll do and not do after committing such mistakes? What are the things you will do next time to make things right? What would be your efforts to correct your mistakes? How will you gain the trust your parents had given you? Always remember to take account of these questions and deeply ponder about it. Being sorry for your mistakes is not enough. You really should prove them that you really are sorry for them and you will take the responsibility to be accountable for your actions this time.

#3 Catch A Perfect Timing

The next important thing to do is to catch a perfect timing to say these things. But you have to be sure you have reviewed those questions in your mind and have instilled the answers in your heart. The Bible speaks of "a word spoken at the right time". Choose a time when your parents might be in a more receptive frame of mind. But never, ever delay thing and let the right timing pass. I know, it really takes a great courage to do so, but you must really be brave enough to face the consequences. Remember, as you delay, things will be harder. The Bible says, "their errors become a heavy load, to heavy to bear". and He that is covering up his transgressions will not succeed, but he that is confessing and leaving them will be shown mercy. Besides, they have more experiences and mistakes in life than you do, and more often than not, they can help you with your mistakes. Just remember to keep a serious and humble tone and tell the truth and be really sorry for them. Use words that your parents will understand, not expressions that carry a meaning only to yourself.

Naturally, your parents will feel hurt and disappointed at first, so you should expect these things. Perhaps it is way better to pass this stage rather than be fearful about it the whole time. Besides, Jesus even did the same way. At first, He was sweating drops of blood before He faces the crucifixion. He could always let Himself out of the situation because He is God. But because of great love for us, he underwent the burden and sacrifices just to let the truth be known--even if people don't understand it. Remember that fear only makes us shrink back and die. But love overcomes all fear. If you really love your parents, you should tell them--no mater how much it will hurt them. Listen to your folks and answer their questions, regardless of how they ask them.

The Bible says "your earnestness about setting matters straight will make a deep impression on them"- (2 Cor 7:11). So be prepared to accept some well-deserved discipline. "True, no discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but grievous; yet afterward to those who have been trained by it yields peaceful fruit, namely, righteousness" -(Heb 12:11) Remember, too, that this will not be the last time you will need your parents' help and mature advice. Get into the habit of confiding in them about small problems so that when big problems come along, you won't fear telling them what's on your mind.


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