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How To Enhance a child’s IQ

Updated on October 23, 2015

Intelligence quotient


Wise children make their kids happy. But how much do we contribute to the intellectual development of the kid or do we do things which inhibit their thinking capacity?. Did you know that there are things which you can do which will only allow the physical development of kid and no mental development? As a person responsible for the upbringing of a child you always have this in your mind. It is has always been said that you can never you can never teach an old dog new tricks, This also fully applies in the child- parent context. A child is like a computer with no software b. It is upon the parent or guardian to choose the “software” which to install. The installed software affects the attitude which impacts accordingly on the altitude or the level of success of a kid. Whatever you plant or allow growing in the mind of your kid must have an impact. Parents should therefore be always keen on the type of seeds that they plant as they will harvest in equal measures.

Fish meal

Fish are good source of Omega 3 fatty acids
Fish are good source of Omega 3 fatty acids | Source


Breast milk is a good source of important elements for brain development
Breast milk is a good source of important elements for brain development | Source

Fried egg

Eggs are good sources of choline
Eggs are good sources of choline | Source

Cereals and vegetables

Veges like spinach are good source of antioxidants
Veges like spinach are good source of antioxidants | Source


Brain cells are special types of cells. They require some certain some certain special elements which one can only get from whatever one consumes. Since brain cells growth and development begins in the early stages of life, that is a few weeks after conception, a good mother who cares for the mental well being of her kid will take care about what she consumes. Oxygen is one of the most crucial elements. Human brains cells are the highest consumers of oxygen we breathe in. Low supply of oxygen will hinder good development. Studies done by experts in brain development have revealed that Omega-3, a type of fatty acid has the ability to promote brain development. A study by University of Harvard on the topic involving pregnant women at the trimester stage of pregnancy concluded that children of women who consumed fish, a good source of omega 3 fatty acids developed more intellectually than those of women who did not have regular fish meal. Omega three fats according to scientists form a crucial part of the cell membranes of the brain cells. Intake of meals rich in iron an important element of hemoglobin which is an important component of Redblood cell will enhance transportation of oxygen and hence proper brain development. Meals such as fruits and vegetables which are rich in anti oxidants are also recommended as they protect child’s brain. Cereals contain folic acid and choline which prevents defects during the development of a neural tube. Sea foods which contain high amounts of iodine are also essential. Iodine is important for the development of brain and spinal cord.

Good nutrition for brain development should continue after birth. Breastfeeding is very important as human milk has high levels of elements like choline, zinc and taurine. These elements are important for the development of child’s brain. Breast milk also has high content of lactose which serves as brain fuel.

Kids who are more than 8 months old can get choline from eggs. Vitamins rich food with anti oxidants should also form a good part of their diet. This include kales, spinach, strawberries, oranges and some other fruits. Parents should use brown sugar as it releases energy at a slower rate and thus ensures a child concentrate in class.

Avoid alcohol during pregnancy


Avoid these chemicals

The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy according to experts has a negative impact on fetal mental development. Fetal alcohol syndrome, a neurodevelopment disorder is caused by consumption of alcohol by pregnant women cause mental retardation.
Exposure to elements like lead, a heavy metal has a negative impact on brain development. Lead metal ions have the ability to cross the placenta from the mother’s bloodstream and reach the fetus. Lead is commonly found in some types of paints, fuel, water supply pipes, soil etc. Lead metal causes damage to brains and peripheral nerves. It hinders the transmission of nervous impulses by destroying the myelin sheath of peripheral nerves. It changes the structure of the blood vessels which supply the brain and as stated earlier, brains require high supply of oxygen from blood. This change in blood vessel structure may also cause the swellings in some parts of brains due to imbalance in pressure. Lead also affects negatively the release of energy in brain as it alters the functioning of the energy releasing organelles that is mitochondria in brain. Brains require continuous supply of energy.
Methyl mercury is another chemical which can reach the fetus through placenta. The content of methylmercury is usually high in certain species of fish which are quaternary level of the lifecycle like sharks, whales and other sea food. This due to continuous accumulation. Pregnant women should avoid meat from such animals. Methylmercury is a neurotoxic compound. It causes mental retardation. Celebral palsay has also been associated with high concentration of methylmercury.
Flouride, a compound from halogen fluorine also has a negative impact on brain development. Flouride is found in high levels in foods like tea, certain dental gels. Studies have revealed that high level of fluoride exposure during pregnancy affects the fetal brain development. It causes damage to neurotransmitters like norephinephrine.
Manganese compounds which are commonly found in water, paints and cosmetics also have a negative impact on fetal brain development. It decreases child’s ability to learn.

Physical exercises


Encourage participation in physical activities

Brain performance is higher in children who engage more in physical activities. Brain performance is lower in children with conditions like obesity. Physical exercises engage the crucial parts of the brain which include the basal ganglia and hippocampus which are involved in learning and memory. Physical activities also improve child’s concentration span by enhancing supply of blood in brain. Blood supplies brain with oxygen and glucose. Aerobic physical activities raise the levels of Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This BDNF is important in the growth and development of brain cells. It also stimulates processes involved in the formation of neurons.

Children interaction

Parents should allow their kids interact with others
Parents should allow their kids interact with others | Source

Encourage observation and participation

As a parent you should encourage children learning through participation. Children learn more by seeing what their care takers are doing. That is why they learn their mother’s language first. At the early stages of growth, brain of a child develop when the caregiver speaks, sing and even talk. A good parent should involve their children in the primary adult functions in the community. This way a parent will be developing a problem solver who will one day become an executive officer of a great company. By doing this a parent will be strengthening a child’s ability to handle complex tasks.Allow your kids to interact with other kids as they learn well from each other.

DR. Ben Carson


Motivate kids through talks

Talking with kids works miraculously as it changes their attitude and perception. I believe you must have heard or read about Dr. Ben Carson a retired neurosurgeon famous for his extraordinary surgeries like separating conjoined twins and they survived. Sonya, Ben Carson’s mother taught her kids that everything is possible. The talks he had with his mother at the early stages of growth worked miraculously. You can also make your children believe in their own abilities.

Kids computer games

Parents should select the right computer games for their kids
Parents should select the right computer games for their kids | Source

Playing video/ computer games

Studies have shown that some computer games enhance children problem solving and critical thinking skills. They enhance brain function and strengthen cognitive flexibility. It is however important that parents research and identify games which would be helpful to their kids as many in the market will only promote addiction which is a health problem. Brain training computer games boost kid’s Intelligence quotient i.e. IQ and memory.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I remember reading "How to Raise a Brighter Child" about 30 years ago. One idea from that book has stayed with me over the years. You can raise your child's I.Q. by as much as 10 points by raising them in a criticism-free environment. Some would say my generation too that idea too far (participation trophies, not admitting when your child gets into trouble, etc.). They have a point. But I believe there is a difference between letting your child have the freedom to try new things without the fear of failure and convincing both you and your child that they can do no wrong. Interesting hub!


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