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How To Grow Kids That Love To learn

Updated on January 25, 2010

Going to school isn't the favorite activity for most kids. The subjects taught there are often boring or too complex to them, the environment is not always friendly and the entire process of learning is uneasy to the average kid.

What if your kids loved learning? What if they went to school with pleasure and learned every subject without troubles?

You can have such kids. The process of growing studious children starts with the play. It's really simple: your kids can love learning if they start playing educational games with educational toys from the earliest age.

Educational Toys

So how to start? The younger kids should start playing simple games using educational toys. Don't forget that it should be all play - don't force the kids to play with toys they don't like. There are enough great toys to choose from. Here are some ideas:

If you have a toddler you may want to start with motor skills toys which will help the kid to achieve better coordination and physical shape than the others at his age through play. Use stacking and lacing toys, shape sorters, kids mosaic, and dressing toys.

When the weather is good the kid can play with outdoor science toys.  These are various binoculars, scopes, explorer sets, birdhouses and more.

Most kids love to play with ball, run outside and have fun with any physical activities, but if you have the bad luck to have one of those lazy young geeks, you may want to think about educational sports toys. Kids gym, play tents, ride-ons, and spring toys can quickly get those kids moving.

If you want to grow a musician carefully start buying music toys like musical instruments for kids. Be careful however as if your child has no talent you may have to live with some rather disturbing sounds in the house.

The building toys are some of most useful and loved by kids educational toys. These are various construction kits, gears toys, model toys, toy tools etc.

A very powerful way to raise your kid's interest for education and learning is the pretend play. Various doctor toys, money toys, spy gear, play food etc. can make your kid an eager learner for life.

Scientific toys  can draw your children's interest into subjects that will later be taught in school. Kids that play with science toys often learn themselves enough to love those subjects in school and manage with them pretty well. Such toys are chemistry, physics, astronomy kits, human body kits, plants for kids and so on.

Language toys are their own category. They help the kids learn the alphabet and develop their language long time before they go to shcool. This way getting their first grade will be like a play as well. There are various language development toys, electronic language toys and word games that can be used for this.

One of the most problematic subject for many kids in school is Math. And on top of that they have to learn Math during their entire study! You can give your kid unfair advantage if you buy Math toys - number learning sets, math puzzles, money toys, matching games, time learning etc.

There are thousands of great educational toys that can help you children - it's a wise decision to invest in such toys now rather than to have to push your kid for learning later. 

Educational Games

As kids grow up, most of the toys will become obsolete. You can't expect a teenager to play with pretend play toys or arrange alphabets. However even in this point you can guide the kids into learning-friendly activities (if they didn't already do that!).

There are thousands of educational games that can keep the interest of kids of all ages (and even adults). The educational games can be for example tests on various subjects - nowadays they are mostly played on the PC and can be find for free or small fees online.

Educational games can also involve puzzles, mind games, video games,  board games, games with cards and so on. It's a huge area indeed! 

If only you take care on time, there will be no need to worry about your children education - kids that have grown with love to learning and science keep this love during their entire life.


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