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Free Child Activity For The Summer Holidays

Updated on May 18, 2016

School Holidays

School holidays are a tough time for parents due to the energy levels children have and the ease with which they can become bored. I know there are game consoles, iPhones, iPods, iPads, social media, television and all the other technical paraphernalia available to them to keep them happy, but not everybody can afford all these luxuries or even want them.

Some kids like to play interactive games like sports and this is great. At the end of the day they are usually tired especially if they have been swimming or cycling which are activities that use every muscle in the body.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and I came to understand fully what that phrase meant when, at the end of a particularly gruelling day with my children, I felt I had climbed Mount Everest, fought 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and played the final of the Super Bowl with only a T-shirt for protection. Even after we had done all what we had done they still wanted to play some more.

It was now that my mind went from first gear to fifth gear in trying to come up with a game that would relax us all. I had tried the game of everyone closing their eyes and the first person to speak loses, which ended with my son, after 5 seconds, saying:

"I lose, what are we doing next?"

Hide And Seek

Relax Kids And Have Fun

Eventually I came up with a game that would keep them happy and at the same time keep us all relaxed without me having to move a muscle. In my mind I did an evil villain laugh and curled the ends of my moustache with my fingers, like Captain Hook.

The game itself is simple, doesn't need any props, has no complicated rules and, as far as I know, nobody else in the world has ever played it before. It can be very educational without the participants knowing depending on how hard you make the game and how young the children are.

The Game

So here is how it works. Get all the participants to sit comfortably in their places and they all need to shut their eyes. Next you are going to describe three scenarios to them. In each scenario there will be something that is common in all three. The first person to say the word that is common in all three scenarios is the winner and that's it. It's that simple.

It is down to the individual to use their imagination and create the scenario in their minds eye. Sometimes it can be simple and sometimes trickier. I will try a few examples with everybody now to help you see how it is done.

Example Number One

Firstly relax yourself and after I have described each scenario try to close your eyes and visualize it. Look around at everything there is to see. In this first example I have given you illustrations to help.

Firstly, imagine you are sat in the front seat of a car waiting at some traffic lights. Be sure to look at everything there is to see.

Scenario Number Two

Now imagine you are going into Santa's grotto to see Father Christmas, again looking around at everything.


The final scenario. You have been doing something, but then cut your finger. Take a look at your finger in your imagination


The Answer

Now remember each scenario. What did you see in all three. When you looked around what was common to all three imaginary scenes.

Did you get it. The answer is Red. The traffic lights were on red as you were waiting. Father Christmas wore a red suit and the blood coming out of your finger was red.

Example Number Two

That's it. How easy is that? What's more, kids love to play it. You can use anything as your example, anything at all. Let's try another example, but this time without illustrations and I'll make it a little harder.

I'll describe each scenario, then you close your eyes and imagine it.

First you are waiting at a bus stop on a very busy road, there are lots of people and cars driving past.

Second you are on bicycle ride with your friends in the countryside. Some are riding mountain bikes and others are on BMX bikes.

Finally you are driving a big truck, a big forty ton rig down the highway and you are the driver.

The Answer

Have you got the answer? Did you say people?

If you did then you are wrong. Yes there are people in the first two scenarios, but not in the last one. The answer is Wheel or Wheels.

There are wheels on the cars and trucks as you wait on the busy road. There are wheels on the bicycles and when you are driving the truck there's a great big steering wheel in front of you.

School Holidays

That's it, how to keep children happy during the school holidays. You can play this game and use anything as your examples. Planets, grass, shoes, green, blue, money, celebrities, the weather, math, languages; it's endless. You can also refine the game to suit you : play the best of three games, winner gets some candy or sweets or promise if they can get five answers out of ten, between them, they get a treat.

I know it's not as exhilarating as playing on Xbox or Playstation, but it's fun and if this article has sent you to sleep, as a last resort, you could always get your kids to read it, a win-win situation all round.

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