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How To Make Your Children Love Their School

Updated on September 7, 2015

As a parent, you may want your children to enjoy their studies and love their school. There are some kids who naturally like their school. But there are certain others in whom parents have to develop this liking. You have ways to achieve this aim. You can use these tips to make your children love their studies and school.

Involve yourself actively with their homework
You should be ready to allocate some time for involving yourself actively with their homework. It is not necessary that you must help the children do their homework but it is enough if you sit with them. This itself gives them a lot of reassurance that you are there to help them out. You will also know what they learn at school.
Experts say that there should be a routine for doing homework. You can even designate an area for doing homework. It can be a small, tidy desk, the bedroom floor or the kitchen table. Allow your children to choose the spot. But ensure that the surface is clutter-free and has good lighting. There should not be any distractions like television or music also.
Experts advise that preference should be given to homework over play but there should be brief breaks during the homework sessions because these breaks will help them absorb their lessons better.
Even if you are busy and are entrusting other elders in the family with the task of taking care of this routine, tell them about the homework spot so there is consistency in the approach.
Experts strongly advise that you should evince keen interest in your children's assignments. So, ask questions about their assignments and their favorite lessons or subjects during the homework hour so they can have a relaxed mindset during these sessions. In fact, if they learn with a relaxed mindset, they can grasp things faster.
In short, you should participate actively in their learning process and you can do so only by volunteering not only in their homework tasks but at their school as well. When children realize that you give utmost importance to their schoolwork, they will perform with added pride. Even small things like reading their school newsletter with a keen interest or trying to keep abreast of the happenings in their school will go a long way in boosting their performance. By taking active participation in such school-related activities, you will influence them as a role model and they will also like to contribute actively in the activities of their school.

Get creative to make them study
It is true that the present educational system has made studies boring. Repetitive learning is not fun and so, you need to get creative to make your children study with interest. You can apply play-learning techniques so children need not sit in the same spot for longer hours or memorize facts and formulae. If studying involves fun activities, it will be easy for them to remember and retain things.
If you allow your children to involve themselves in other interesting activities like sports, music sessions, club activities, etc., in school, they will start loving their school. These activities will remove studies-related stress from their minds also. But at the same, you should not over-schedule their day with too many activities because they may get tired which may sap their energy and enthusiasm.
Rewards systems can greatly help

Setting up rewards systems for the progress they make will work wonders. They will start loving their studies and may try to excel themselves thanks to this approach.
Friendships are not bad
Children tend to give a lot of importance to their friends. But you should encourage them to choose only good and limited number of friends. You can ask them as to what their friends are doing, about their extra-curricular activities and so on. You can occasionally meet with the parents of the friends for scheduling picnics or play-dates. With such reinforced friendships, your children will look forward to meeting their friends at school every day.
Bad grades can be turned into learning experiences
Poor test scores can be turned into a learning experience but you have to play a major role in accomplishing this aim. When your children come home with poor test scores, you should avoid trying to discipline them for such poor grades. Instead, assure them that you will work with them to get over that phase. Make them learn those topics they could not understand. They should know that you are there to help them. When the fear factor is removed, they will willingly approach you for help. This approach will make them love their studies.


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