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How To Protect Your Kids From Cell Phone Danger

Updated on May 8, 2012

After Columbine

After Columbine and September 11, parents begin buy their kids cell phones in droves. The idea was to provide them with a means of instant communication in case of emergency.

Parents also found these devices helped a lot in their busy lives with juggling soccer practice, karate, and after school activities, but there are always unintended side effects to any action and sometimes those side effects can be worse than the problem itself.

As it turns out, cell phones have gotten smarter and smarter opening a whole new world to today's kids that couldn't be imagines just a few years ago. Unfortunately, not all of it is good. There is a dangerous dark-side to this technology that is stealing our children.

The Dark Side Of Technology

When you hand over the keys to the car to your 18-year-old it opens a new world of freedom and power. It has been an american right of passage since the automobile was invented.

There is a reason why there was a minimum age restriction placed on getting a driver's licenses. No one wants a 12-year-old behind the wheel, but the cell phone kind of sneaked up on us and now kids as young a 9 or ten walk around sporting some of the latest cell phone technology. What's the big deal you say?

Now, middle-school kids to teenagers have to deal with high-tech cheating, cyber bullying, threatening calls, and sexually explicit material that is constantly available right there in that amazing little device.

Even though they may have the high-tech-know-how to operate these gadgets, do they have the executive functioning to make the right choices with it?

Sexting...Is It Real?

Have you heard of the new word that has crept into the american vocabulary? It is sexting. Which means to send sexual images of yourself to another cell phone and lest you think it is just an urban legend a recent study uncovered the fact that 1 in 5 teens had sent such images from their cell phones. It also found that at least one-third had received such images.

To complicate matters it doesn't matter if you are posting images of yourself, if you are underage it is considered illegal and not only can it result in your teen being labeled a sex offender and being brought up on child-pornography has.

Keep a High-Tech Eye On Your Kids

Recently a 15-year-old girl was brought up on child sexual abuse and child pornography charges for sending explicit images of herself over her cell phone. Far from this being an isolated case at least 13 states have now instituted similar legislation that can allow prosecution in these type of cases.

Parents caught in these kids of situations can lose their life savings in legal bills, not to mention the pain an suffering they must endure seeing their child possibly being put on a sex offender's registry list.

And we haven't even scratched the surface of cell phone dangers for kids. There is also the access these devices give predators to your child. There is also the the specter of cyber-bullying which in some cases has even lead to suicide.

Pandora's cell phone box has been opened as trying to remove cell phones from kids and teens is not going to happen, but there are ways that you can keep a high-tech eye on your child.

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Okay, so the name "spy" may give you pause so just substitute monitoring for spy. These apps were developed mostly for spouses to check up on their cheating partners, but they have recently gained popularity with parents as a way to keep a high-tech eye on their kids.

Once you install and activate a cell phone spy app on tour child's phone is is invisible to them. They will never know it is there. It will immediately begin streaming data to a special website where you can monitor it.

An app that will cost you less than $50 such as Spybubble's Cell Phone App will give you the following data.

  • all images sent to the phone
  • all images received on the phone
  • all text messages sent and received even if they are erased by your teen
  • the physical location of your child's phone displayed on Google Maps
  • all contacts made on that phone whether incoming or outgoing, including the contact's number and time the contact was made
  • alerts on your cell phone when you teen is calling or is called by a selected number
  • the ability to listen on on conversations remotely

With this ability it should not be hard to keep a high-tech eye on your child. This may sound harsh or somehow feel sneaky on your part, but when you think about it, you have been monitoring your child since they were born.

From their heart beat in the hospital's nursery, to a baby monitor or nanny cam at home and on up through going through their pockets when you did the laundrey.

Installing monitoring software on your child's phone may seem extreme until you think about the the results that one childish decision could result in.


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