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How To Select The Sex of a Baby

Updated on August 6, 2011

Research all over the world has shown that if people could only have one child, more would prefer a boy over a girl. On the African continent, the premise is that the boy will carry on the name and legacy of the family while the girl will take on that of her husband. In the western world, the difference in percentages might not be as wide as in Africa but the end result is still the same. A recent poll by the Gallup Organization shows that more Americans would prefer a boy(40%) over a girl(28%)

This desire for a child of a specific gender is even more predominant among parents who are working on their second or third child. It is no surprise therefore that this longing has given way to rumours, superstitions or facts depending on who you are asking. Below is a list of ways you are supposed to be able to select the sex of your baby. I haven't tried any of them but i intend to when I'm finally ready for my second baby

Orgasm - To have a baby boy, both partners should have an orgasm preferably at the same time. Orgasms are suppose to release juices that raises the alkalinity of the cervix and create a more condusive condition for a male sperm

Fresh Sperm - To have a baby girl, early morning sex is the way to go in order to get fresh sperm that is believed to be particularly favourable for female sperm. It is also recommended that the male partner be on top

Less Salt - Eating less salt and taking supplements like calcium and magnesium will help concieve a baby girl

Ovulation Period - Another way is to chart ovulation and time sex accordingly. The belief is that boys are typically conceived on ovulation day or the day after. This is based on a supposed fact that male sperms are fast swimmers but die really fast while the female ones are the exact opposite. Therefore, to have a female child, sex should be before ovulation because the sperm will live long enough for ovulation day proper by which time the male ones will be dead

Chinese Gender Birth Chart - This is supposed to be over 90% accurate, on the chart, the mother's age is based on her chinese age at the time of conception and the month of conception is based on the chinese lunar month. At any point in time, the mother's chinese age and conception month will determine whether she will have a boy or a girl. Hence, by looking at the chart, it would be possible to choose when to work hard at conceiving. It is important to note that this has not been scientifically proven

Breakfast and Long Fruits - Another advice is that to conceive a boy, the prospective mother should endeavour not to skip breakfast and should eat long fruits like cucumber, bananas, carrots etc. I can't help but wonder who came up with this one

Moving on, there are tens of other old's wife tales out there for choosing or predicting genders. Scientifically, gender prediction is possible but gender selection seem to be that more difficult. Spiritually, the choice is the Creator's. Whatever anyone believes in, the undeniable truth is that as long as the desire and longing of gender selection abound, different tales will continue to crop up from around the world


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