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How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Don't Love Him Back

Updated on October 4, 2014
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

How do you let someone know that you have fallen out of love with them?
How do you let someone know that you have fallen out of love with them?

"Thank you!"

Dating is so much fun and for some of us it is just a great way to get out and be social with a companion but for most of us it is a time to spend with the one you adore whilst waiting patiently for the day that they can say, "I love you!"

But what happens when you hear those magical words and find yourself unable to say anything other than a thank you afterwards?

Waiting patiently for the one you think you love to say those three words and you can't say them back! What does that mean? Can I just repeat the words without meaning them?

Is saying thank you good enough?

Love is a Magical Thing!

"I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!" Is such a wonderful start to a loving relationship, if you both feel the same way.

There is nothing worse than dating someone, waiting patiently to see where the relationship will go and finally getting the three magical words only to find that you just can't say them back.

Perhaps it's too soon for you to have any feelings for the guy or you have discovered that you don't feel the same way that he does.

What do you do? Continue dating and see if you will love him or do you tell him that you just don't feel the same way that he does?

Remember that telling someone you love them must be for the right reasons otherwise you will know the truth and someone will end up getting hurt.

Be careful when using the words, "I love you" and pay attention when it is being said to you.

Love is a magical and beautiful experience and you will know when you are ready to share those words with your partner. If you aren't ready than he is either the wrong guy for you or it is too soon to tell.

In general most people say I love you at the same time and mean it and usually if it is not mutual at the same time than it means you are not with the right guy.

Be kind and gentle when breaking the news
Be kind and gentle when breaking the news

Break it to him Gently.

There is no reason to lie and pretend that you love someone when you don't. This will not end well for either of you but it will eventually end or you will be stuck in a relationship that you can't get out of.

Think of why you don't feel the same way and the answers will come up straight away. All the reasons why you can't re-iterrate the words will be in front of you and you will know whether you should be saying it or why you can't.

If it is too soon and you have just started dating than explain to your partner that love isn't easy for you and time is what you need to see how your feelings will develop.

If you have been dating for a while and it just doesn't feel right than you need to let your partner know that you really like him but love is not a mutual feeling and that perhaps you need to move on from each other as you just don't feel the same way.

It will be devastating for him to hear but it is better to tell him the truth instead of lead him on to believe that you feel the same because you might just end up so deep in trouble that you will find yourself saying yes to a proposal!

Don't be cruel about the way you let him down and remember that he loves you and it takes somebody very brave to say that to a girl, so you will have to be gentle with what you say.

Honesty is the best way to go because you can tell when someone doesn't love you back and pretending to do so will just prolong the inevitable and make it even more heartbreaking later.

Once he has told you that he loves you, give him a hug and let him know that you really like him and think that he is a wonderful guy but you are just not where he is in the relationship. Don't tell him that you need time if you don't because leading him on will not help. Just let it out so that it is easier for the both of you to move forward and find your true soulmates.

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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      It would be a good idea to let him know that you enjoyed the kiss but your friendship is so much more important to you and you do not want to loose that. Let him know that you would feel better being friends so that it lasts longer than a relationship.

    • profile image

      Selena 4 years ago

      If you say yes to a relationship based on your passed friendship, but you didn't necessarily love that person yet, and then you feel nothing during the kiss, what do you do??


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