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How You Should Correct The Behavioral Problems in Your Teens

Updated on July 13, 2012

When your children attain teen age, you may see many behavioral changes in them. They may try to prove that they are independent in nature. If you point out their mistakes, they may start lying also. Some teenage children may start cheating also. A few others may try to revolt by talking back. As a parent, you may find it difficult to handle the behavior of your children. Though most of the behavioral problems of the teens are common, if you ignore problems like speaking lies, cheating, etc., the behaviors may become irreversible. In other words, things may go out of control if you do not take the right steps to bring your children back to the right track. Let us discuss some of the behavioral problems of teens and how you should tackle them smoothly.

- One of the problems may be that your teenage children may speak lies. This behavior may have started because they may have faced punishments or snubs due to a past behavior. The main problem is that teens do not consider this behavior as a serious issue at all. Only when you, their teachers or others come to know of their lies, they may face problems. Till then, they can avoid the consequences of their action. Some of the teens speak lies to prevent stress of their parents. To solve this behavioral problem, you have to make them understand that speaking lies is an inappropriate behavior and no one will tolerate it. If you keep repeating this point and if you set an example by speaking truth alone, they will also realize soon that what they are doing is a mistake and they will try to mend their behavior.

- Another behavior that may cause extreme worries to you is the risk taking behaviors of your children. The point is that they do not know the dangers involved in such behaviors. Some of these behaviors may be dating an unreliable and unscrupulous person, using phones or social networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook, etc. for sending inappropriate and unwanted messages, having indiscriminate sex and getting entangled in the unholy world of drugs. These behaviors may land your children in deep trouble but unfortunately, they may not realize the gravity of the problems till the extreme consequences stare them in their faces. That is why you should keep watching the behaviors of your teens and when they seem to tread on such forbidden paths, you should nip these behaviors in the bud. You should communicate clearly to them that you are ready to help them. You should also make them understand that you will not tolerate these behaviors.

- Your teenage children may talk back and try to assert their independence. One of the reasons for this behavior may be that you may have exhibited your impatience while listening to them. In certain other cases, if they have tasted success at least once in getting what they want by arguing or talking back, they may continue to adopt the behavior repeatedly. The third reason may be that you may not be practicing what you preach and may have lost the respect of the children. For solving this problem, you should know the exact reason for their behavior. In all the three cases, the mistake lies on you and so, you should correct yourself for solving this. You should learn to adopt patience while listening to your children. You should not succumb to the threats and arguments of your children and yield to their pressure. Finally, you should correct your behavior and should practice the habits you preach to your children.

- Your teenage children may have developed the behavior of swearing a lot. They may have learned this either from you or from others. If you are the culprit, you should immediately make corrections to your own behavior. If your children continue with this behavior even after this, you should clearly convey to them that you will not tolerate this behavior any more and they have to face the consequences if they continue committing the mistake. You should keep correcting them whenever they commit the mistake. You can make them part with a fixed amount of their pocket money if they break their commitment and swear.

As a lovable parent, you should be considerate and should not expect your teenage children to correct all their behaviors in a jiffy. You should allow them sufficient time and if they succeed in correcting each of their behaviors, you can reward them suitably. This will motivate them suitably. You can bring remarkable changes in them if you influence them suitably.


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