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When To Start Spoon Feeding My Baby

Updated on January 23, 2017

For some first time mothers, it is difficult to know just when to start spoon feeding or weaning. Your health adviser will probably recommend between 4 and 6 months. Research has shown that baby's digestive system is not mature enough before this age. Up to this age, your baby will either be feeding on breast milk or formula, and getting all of the nutrients your baby needs from the milk.

When to start spoon feeding your baby

When your baby is ready to start spoon feeding he or she will probably have doubled their birth weight and will be able to hold their head up well.

It is a good idea to start spoon feeding with a simple baby rice that is especially formulated for this stage. A few teaspoons mixed with breast milk or formula will be enough for your baby.

There are many soft baby spoons available to use for feeding. After a few weeks when baby is on a couple of tablespoons a day of baby rice, you can begin to introduce other tastes and flavors. This can be your own food pureed, or else the ready to eat baby food . There are many good baby foods available to buy, and these are so convenient for travelling. They also encourage lots of new tastes when you start spoon feeding baby.

How to start spoon feeding your baby

When you start spoon feeding your baby don't start when baby is very tired and hungry! Start when baby is relaxed and happy. A good time may be in the evening after the first half of a milk feed. Baby will just suck the spoon at the start and you will need to make the rice quite runny. You can make it up a bit thicker as baby gets used to it. Don't be surprised if baby spits it out at the start! It just takes a while for baby to learn!

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