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Baby Thermometer Reviews.

Updated on July 25, 2017

My baby has a high temperature

When your child has a fever meaning its temperature is above normal it's essential to have an accurate, easy to use thermometer and one which causes the least stress and disturbance to your child. As a nurse, having raised my own children, and now helping with 4 grandchildren, I know how worrying these times can be. First of all it might help you to know that babies usually get better just as quickly as they get sick. A high temperature in a baby is when it goes above 37.5 degrees C or 99 degrees F.

Taking Baby's Temperature

Most thermometers today are digital and are easy enough to use. Some are tympanic, meaning you gently place them in the baby's ear for required time. Others are used by placing them under the baby's arm. Strip thermometers, where you place a numbered strip on baby's head, are normally not as accurate. It is also possible to take a baby's temperature rectally. Never do this, unless you have been shown by a medical professional how to do it safely.

Medical ear thermometer DMT 489

The Medical Ear Thermometer DMT 489 is a very easy to use thermometer that can be used in the ear as well as on the forehead. It is an FDA approved device with a 510 certificate.

This thermometer is perfect for taking your baby's or young child's temperature without them even noticing.

"Having used this one with my grandchildren, and with other children I care for, I find it accurate, quick and simple to use."

You can even see it easily at night because of the screen lighting.

To use it on your baby's head, you hold it for just 3 seconds.

To use it in your baby's ear just click it once to get an accurate reading.

The thermometer comes with a pouch for storing.

The Medical Ear Thermometer is also perfectly safe to use with adults.

Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer

Kinsa's newest Ear thermometer supports from the first sign of sickness right through recovery and beyond by focusing on what to do next.

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer takes an accurate temperature reading at the push of a button In one second. It connects to your smartphone phone via bluetooth so you and the paediatrician will always have access to your family's illness details and offers personalised guidance on how & when to treat symptoms, take medication and when to call the doctor. It is gentle enough to use When baby is sleeping or is moving about

It has a 2 year/1000 readings battery life, which means you won't be searching around in the dark looking for batteries for this baby Thermometer especially when you need that nighttime reading.

This baby Thermometer is easy to clean just use a soft cloth or cotton swab with up to 75% alcohol.

The Kinsa Digital In Ear Thermometer is BPA and Latex Free.

Kinsa is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Should I worry about my baby's fever?

If your baby is under 3 months and has a fever, you should seek medical advice immediately. If you can't contact your doctor, then contact the ER Center at your local hospital. It is a good idea to have these phone numbers where you can find them quickly. If your baby is not responding, has breathing problems, is not feeding, has a rash or has vomiting and diarrhoea, contact your doctor or hospital immediately. With babies and young children, you can never be too cautious.

Equinox Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

With the Equinox Non Contact Infrared Thermometer you can get instantaneous reads with quick infrared technology. Whether you're measuring your child's temperature or hot coffee, the temperature in your room on a hot summer day, this is a quick and reliable thermometer. This premium thermometer also has a built in high temperature alarm that sounds once a fever is detected. The backlight turns red and a sound will be made to warn you of a high fever.

This thermometer also has a built-in memory which can record up to 32 temperature readings taken at anytime. Temperature can easily be taken in Fahrenheit or Celsius, with the push of a button.
It is certified to be one of the most accurate reading thermometer in the market (+/- 0.3°). With infrared technology you can rely on it when you need to the most. You can take your baby's temperature at a distance of 3-5 cm from the forehead without touching or disturbing them.
The Thermometer comes in a nice gift box with a suede carrying pouche and 2xAA batteries.

Causes of baby's high temperature

Infection can cause baby's temperature to go up

Too many layers of clothes or blankets can make a baby too warm and increase their body temperature.

When an infection enters your body, a message is sent to the temperature center in your brain which basically turns your body heat up and causes you to have a temperature.

This is nature's way of killing some bacteria and viruses.

So temperature or fever is the indicator that your body is fighting infection.

How to reduce a fever in babies

Treating baby's high temperature

If you think you need to contact the Doctor after you take baby's temperature, you can always give some Paracetamol or Calpol meantime. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and don't give your baby any more than is stated (Giving young babies more than the recommended dose is highly dangerous).

If you would rather not give your baby medication, then tepid sponging is an old and well proven method of helping reduce baby's temperature. Strip baby and lay them on a warm towel and half fill a basin with lukewarm water. Dip a cloth or sponge in the water and gently wipe baby down, starting at the head and taking care to sponge the underarms, the tummy and folds of skin around the tops of their legs. Take baby's temperature every 15 - 20 minutes to check if it is coming down.

Always remember that, very often, mums just know when their baby is really sick so don't hesitate to get help if you are at all worried. Most doctors and would rather see a hundred babies with nothing wrong, than one that is really sick and should have come sooner. However most babies recover really quickly from their fever and are soon bright eyed and making lots of noise!


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