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How do I raise my baby as a genius?

Updated on June 18, 2008

As a genius or to be a genius? I guess the question is moot, because by definition, you can't raise a child to be a genius. They either are or they aren't. Now then, how does one raise a child as a genius? Very carefully, indeed. I think a lot of research needs to be done. Historically, geniuses have been misunderstood and often ridiculed for their "different" ways of thinking. You have to also take into consideration what subject the child is a genius in. As with any child, I would suggest unconditional support of whatever they are interested in. If they love music, buy them any and all things of or having to do with music. If it is art, go out and buy the biggest box of (non-toxic) crayons you can find, along with some paper and cleaning supplies (or just new paint for the walls). Whatever it is, whatever it takes, support the child's needs in nurturing his or her passions.

The struggle with genius

Whether your child is a highly skilled artist, or a wiz at math, he or she will be looked at as the same thing; different. The other kids will notice, the teacher will notice, other parents may notice as well. Raising a kid genius will no doubt bare some challenges.

I think the main challenge is education as a whole. Most local education systems don't know how to support a child who may very well be two or even three grades ahead of other kids their same age. You may get some insight from this article.

No matter what happens, try to stay focused on the child's needs. Always encourage creativity, and teach the child to always, always ask questions.

Never stop wondering...


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