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How do your children share great family bonds in the age of Digital Isolation?

Updated on July 22, 2016

What does Digital Isolation stand for?

Technology is an integral part of today's busy lives. We eat it, drink it and even we dream it. How? Simple enough! We use modern kitchen appliances to cook faster, keep processed foods readily available in refrigerators that we do not have to meet time crunches when there are surprise visits from friends or family members. Skillful juicers, food processors help us to prepare health drinks out of fresh vegetables within a moment. Dough makers, ice cream or frozen yogurt makers give tough competition to our house maids who opt to produce these by their hands. We dream to buy residences with modern facilities and high end lifestyles. Human beings thus isolate themselves from every little things they ought to do otherwise. We forget to take care of our parents , let our kids to indulge into playing indoor games on their tablets, mini laptops when there are ample scopes to play with other children at play grounds and at children parks. After a certain age, children tend to follow social networks more than their family networks. We are instrumental in shaping up futures for our kids but we leave basic values behind. Digital isolation is thus creating huge mental barriers among our children.

How can we resist our kids from becoming a prey of digital isolation?

From day one, we should try and assist our small family members to enjoy their lives. Enjoying life does not give you the freedom to destroy your own identity or core values. Moreover it creates mental blocks within your kids as they forget to communicate their own family members, neighbors, well wishers. So how do we really manage to balance our kids' personal life and the life predominantly influenced with technological surroundings?

1. Keep your kids engaged in outdoor activities: Let the kids play with cousins and other small members of neighborhood.

2. Be with kids as much as possible: Do not let them feel alone as this feeling of loneliness often creates mental blocks within. They withdraw themselves from family surroundings which in turn loosen up family bonding.

3. Give kids enough space: Kids require their own spaces to think creatively. Do not buy them gadgets at a very early age. These gadgets potentially harm thinking power, fresh ideas to evolve among your kids as bots are pre installed in most of them to automate the communication process.

4. Let kids know family traditions: You may show them small gestures performed by your elders when you were a kid. These help kids to associate themselves with bigger families and their indelible footprints. Afterwards it is observed that a few of them feel proud knowing their actual roots and face challenge boldly in future.

5. Share great values with your kids: The lessons you learnt as a kid, stay with you forever. Let them know the great values you share with your family, friends and other relatives. This early learning phase yield best result for everyone. Family values take a permanent place at their hearts.

6. Always show respect to elders: Showing respect for others is the a great achievement in itself. Kids learn this fast and they imbibe it in true sense as their minds are fresh and technology, the invader has not yet penetrated their gentle minds.

7. Family vacations are important: Weekly or even monthly visits to family places do wonders in your kids. They see different faces, play with distant relatives and enjoy being among them. Do not distract them just showing famous places and monuments on laptops, desktops, instead give them the real feeling of vacations.Let them smell green herbs, sun dried stones, crazy winds and long black roads.

I am sure there are hundred ways to engage your kids. You are the best judge at your home. Let the kids paint their minds on walls if need be but do not just give them digital chalk board which makes the rubbing process so easy that they do not even get the time to memorize what they have done just a while ago. These things seem like crazy ideas but they are fun at times. You will see your little kid grow as a solid person and becomes the catalyst in making strong family bonds.

Encourage your kids to indulge into outdoor and fun activities. Be with them whenever possible.
Encourage your kids to indulge into outdoor and fun activities. Be with them whenever possible.

What do you think is the best way to establish family bonds among your kids?

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LYKAPP - The Platform for Family Social Networking | Source


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    • Roselyn Knight profile image

      Roselyn Knight 22 months ago

      Yes that makes perfect sense. Kids don't want to be left alone much like old people. They both require kind attention from the people around.

    • nnms profile image

      Seiboi Misao 22 months ago from India

      I do believe that spending more quality time with your kid(s) will go a long way in forming warm and lasting bond.