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How do I Bail my Puppy out of Jail?

Updated on March 18, 2013
My loved one is in jail., what do I do?
My loved one is in jail., what do I do?

Its called puppy love for a reason....

When a loved one is in jail, your emotions can get the best of you like looking at the face of this jailed puppy....Pleasssssssssse get me out of jail!

A loved one or friend in jail? What not to say on the phone.

O.K., so you get the call from a loved one or friend in jail. The first thing they say is, "Help, come get me out of jail" ... Now what ? . . . . . . . . . . .

Your first instinct is to ask, "What happened?" Don't ask that question. Why? When you are in jail and you make a call ALL calls are monitored. Yes they could be listening in at that moment or can be reviewed long after getting off the phone. It may seem innocent enough to make small talk of the details of the arrest but save it for when you see the person live, not by phone.

What should I say on the phone?

Simple. Ask, "Where are you, what jail, detention center or where are you being held." Then ask, "How much is your bond". and that is pretty much it. If you are going to help the individual locked up, then once given that information, tell them they will work on it from the outside and will get them out of there soon. You see the person behind bars can not do much. That is why they need you. Once you are armed with the information about who is locked up, then your next move is to contact a bail bondsman.

How do I contact a Bail bondsman?

Easy., just look up bail bonds on the internet with your zip code and then get on the phone. Start calling around until you find one who will help you. Basically the cost is the same no matter where you go., 10% of the bond is what the bail bondsman will want. So if a bail is $1,000.00. then the bail bondsman will want $100.00. They will also want your signature to make sure the guy goes to court down the road.

Now that I have contacted the Bail Bondsman, now what?

So you have found the bail bondsman, you have paid him, you have signed all the papers and he has gone before either the Judge, Magistrate, Commissioner or clerk of the court and did all the paper work. Now you just wait until your loved one gets out. This can take a few hours to sometimes all day depending on the size of the jail. Now that the person got released, now what? First you need to explain to the person you got out of the financial responsibility you have. You must let them know that you did not get them out of jail but you promised the bail bondsman and courts that they will make their court appearance. That is what you signed. Your obligation is to make sure someone gets to court. Remember, you did not get someone out of jail, but made a promise to the courts that they will BE IN COURT. If they do not make it to court, you the signer would be responsible for the full amount of the bond ($1,000.00) in this case. This is where trouble can start if the person misses the trial date.

Im out of here!
Im out of here!

Have you ever received a call from someone in jail that needed to be bailed out?

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